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PETA Goes After Rubashkin

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is taking aim on Kosher slaughter. Who’s the target? Rubashkin:

[T]he radical vegetarian group that in an advertising campaign once compared the slaughtering of
chickens to the murder of Holocaust victims, is taking aim at one of
the world’s largest kosher meat processors. AgriProcessors Inc., the Postsville, Iowa-based firm that markets meat
under the Rubashkin and Aaron’s Best label and is found in America’s
biggest supermarket chains, is being accused by the group of violating
humane slaughter laws and Halacha, or Jewish ritual procedure.

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Yated Ne’eman On Chabad In Vilna

Yated Ne’eman weighs in on Chabad’s ativities in Vilna:

In 1994, Lubavitch expressed interest in sending a rabbi to
Vilna, and Mr. Alperowitz agreed. Rabbi Sholom Ber Krinsky
moved to Vilna, and established his own Chabad House. He
prayed in the community’s Taharat Hakodesh shul on Shabbos,
and could not put together a minyan during the week. The
community did not offer him a rabbinical contract.

After ten years of activity, his school had only 30 children
(7 of which were his own), and not one family had committed
themselves to shemiras hamitzvos. A social worker
involved for years with the community informed us that Rabbi
Krinsky had sent two girls to a Lubavitch school in London,
and mentioned that at most Rabbi Krinsky may have influenced
one or two more Vilna Jews to become slightly observant.

Rabbi Krinsky’s social services were paltry in comparison to
that of the community: he sent 20 children to a Lubavitch
camp in Estonia, while the secular community sent 450
children to their own camp. Rabbi Krinsky claimed to help 150
people with his soup kitchen, while the general community was
helping 1,500 — including the same 150 helped by Rabbi

Even more problematic were the scandals that hovered over his
enterprises. Rabbi Krinsky’s soup kitchen was closed down
because it served contaminated food. A scandal erupted when
charges were made that he had stolen money from donors.
Creditors took over the first floor of his Chabad Center to
cover unpaid debts. (He is still embroiled in court cases
over debts.) He collected money around the world to maintain
the Jewish cemetery but never paid the $25,000 to the
community which was his share in the maintenance.

Krinsky has less than 30 die-hard followers within the
community, who are mostly beneficiaries of his food kitchen
or other activities. Of these followers, none have accepted a
Lubavitch way of life on themselves or can even be called
religious.… [Hat tip, Luke.]

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Chabad Helps Thwart A Kidnapping

A Jewish-Israeli boy from the FSU returned to the FSU with his grandmother for a vacation. The boy’s Muslim father, a wealthy businessman in the FSU, kidnapped the boy. How was the the boy rescued? With the help of Interpol, the Israeli Govenment and … Chabad.


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Sharon “Nazi Collaborator,” Chabad Rabbis Say

Branding Ariel Sharon a "Nazi collaborator," a group of Chabad
, calling themselves the World Organization for Saving the Land
and the People of Israel, sent a letter to Attorney-General Menahem
Mazuz on Sunday calling for charges to be brought against the prime
minister for "cooperating with the Nazis."

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URGENT– Kidney Donor Needed!

The parents of a Los Angeles child born with a sole, malfunctioning
kidney are in a desperate race against time to find a compatible donor
who can save their FIVE YEAR-OLD child’s life. The girl has reached a
critical stage in her treatment, as dialysis could [G-d forbid!] fail
at any moment.

Suitable donors must be between eighteen and
forty-five years old, have type O blood, and be in good health. There
is no cost to be screened and the donor’s medical expenses will be
fully covered.

For more information on how to help Chana or be
tested for compatibility as a kidney donor for the child, call 800 SAVE
A LIFE (800-728-3254) or visit


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Building History One Spin At A Time

What Chabad Claims:

Chabad of District of Columbia

Chabad-Lubavitch’s sophisticated operations in D.C. have a rather unique focus. Over the past 45 years, this office has administered support for causes of national and world Jewish concern. Yet beyond these vital Jewish interests, Chabad-Lubavitch has not abandoned its educational imperative even here. Outreach programs include twice-weekly Torah classes for Congressional staff members, a growing lecture series on
various Jewish concepts, and many holiday awareness programs and special events. A new center has been recently inaugurated.

The Truth:

1. Chabad had no permanent office in Washington, DC until the 1990’s, when Rabbi Avraham Shemtov’s son was old enough to open one. (This was not due to a lack of suitable rabbis – it was due to a lack of suitable Shemtovs. In other words, nepotism.) Before that, Rabbi Shemtov worked had to prevent other outreach organizations like Aish HaTorah from opening in Washington (got to hold the place for the kid, after all) while at the same time doing very little toward outreach in the nation’s capital. (Yearly menorah lightings, photo-ops with politicians, fundraising …) As you may know, Rabbi Avraham Shemtov is based in Philadelphia.

2. See here for the Rebbe’s perception of Chabad’s activities in Washington, DC. You’ll note that it seems to clash with the current Chabad spin. Especially note the Rebbe’s refusal to help starving, persecuted Ethiopian Jews by asking Congress for help with aid and rescue.

3. See here for the Chabad-DC/American Friends of Lubavitch website.


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Chabad Power-Grab in Venice?

… I had heard that Venice was a place of romance; a magical city built
on canals. But once there, we also discovered Venice’s "Jewish
problem." Two factions – one foreign, small and missionizing, the other
indigenous, threatened and struggling – are engaged in a love-hate

I davened several mornings with Chabad, praying opposite a picture of the rebbe and a wall adorned with the messianic catchphrase: Yehi adoneinu moreinu v’rabbeinu melech ha’moshiah l’olam vaed! (Long live our master, teacher, and rabbi, the King Messiah, for ever and ever.) …

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