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The Long – And Expensive – Road Home

The Israeli Government has finally agreed to resettle the remaining 20,000 Falash Mura in Israel. 600 per month – double the current rate of immigration – will be brought to Israel until they are all resettled at the end of 2007.

What’s been the hitch that has held up Falash Mura aliya?


The Jewish Agency estimates that it costs 100,000 to resettle each individual Falash Mura. (Presumably this is the average cost to the state over the lifetime of an individual.)

Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t cheap.


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And A Felon Shall Lead Them

Tzemach Atlas has the results of the Crown Heights Community Council elections.

The biggest vote-getter and therefore the new chairman of the Council is Moshe Rubashkin.

Tzemach wryly notes that no explanation of the Chabad involvement in the Rubashkin Shechita-gate Affair will be forthcoming.

I would only add that a federal felony conviction for bank fraud is no bar to holding elected office in Chabad:

Download moshe_rubashkin_motion.pdf

JewishWhistleBlower has much more on Moshe Rubashkin’s criminal history here.

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Slifkin Ban – Make Your Voice Heard!

An online petition regarding the R. Slifkin Ban:

To be delivered to those rabbis who signed the ban.


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All In The Family

Paul Shaviv has a fascinating post on Sir Isaiah Berlin and Slifkin-gate.

It seems that Sir Isaiah, Yehudi Menuhin and the 7th Lubavitcher rebbe were all equal Schneerson cousins and the rebbe’s wife, Chaya Mushka (and daughter of the 6th rebbe, Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn) used to travel to London to see Sir Isaiah’s mother and attend the theater with her.

By the way, Sir Isaiah – an infrequent synagogue attendee – inherited from his mother the tefillin of the Alter Rebbe, Shneur Zalman of Liady the founder of the Chabad dynasty. It was not uncommon for Lubavitch hasidim to make a pilgrimage of sorts to Sit Isaiah’s home just to catch a glimpse of them.

Does anyone know where they are kept today?


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UPDATE: The Times They Are A Changin’?

After two weeks of complete censorship, Aish HaTorah has returned a censored version of Dr. Gerald Schroeder’s article, The Age of the Universe to the website and made it an Editor’s Pick in this week’s e-mail.

What prompted this ‘change’?

Perhaps it was the reduced web traffic, disgust shown by (former) donors, and difficulty conducting Discovery Seminars when participants are aware of the Slifkin Ban and its repercussions.

Or, it could be a sudden fit of altruism.

You choose.

UPDATE: A reader has pointed out that significant changes have been made in Dr. Schroeder’s article.

Searching the web, I found the original version. The new, censored version on has this added paragraph inserted as the second paragraph:

Let me clarify right at the start. The world may be only some 6000 years old. God could have put the fossils in the ground and juggled the light arriving from distant galaxies to make the world appear to be billions of years old. There is absolutely no way to disprove this claim. God being infinite could have made the world that way. There is another possible approach that also agrees with the ancient commentators’ description of God and nature. The world may be young and old simultaneously. In the following I consider this latter option.

In other words, Dr. Schroeder has been forced to add the theory of a 19th century Christian apologist, Philip Henry Gosse to his article without noting its Christian source or the fact that there are no classical Jewish sources that agree with Gosse.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in a new Dark Age and R. Yosef Shalom Elyashiv is our new black pope. May G-d save us.

Both versions of the Schroeder article can be read after the jump.

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Where Is Man? Where Is Rabbi Lazar?

Rabbi_lazarRabbi Berel Lazar, Chabad’s ‘Chief Rabbi’ of Russia and Vladimir Putin’s favorite Court Jew, has written a piece on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz published in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.

What is most memorable about Rabbi Lazar’s writing?

Like his patron Mr. Putin, Rabbi Lazar’s commemoration of the
liberation of Auschwitz is memorable for what it is missing – any
mention of the 1,300,000 Jews murdered at Auschwitz.

Instead, Rabbi Lazar gives us an uncanny repetition of Mr. Putin’s
speech, a repetition that stresses Mr. Putin’s political agenda and his
fight against Chechen terror.

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Putin Speaks At Auschwitz, Gets Chabad Medal, Doesn’t Mention Murdered Jews

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin stood at Auschwitz and received a medal from Chabad’s Russian Chief Rabbi and Mr. Putin’s favorite Court Jew, Berel Lazar.

Guess who Mr. Putin forgot to mention in his speech?

The 1.3 million Jews who were murdered in Auschwitz.

"It’s incredible," said one official, voicing his dismay that Putin
mentioned the 600,000 Russian soldiers who died liberating Poland, and
the 27 million Soviets killed during the war, but not the 1.3 million
Jews killed at Auschwitz.

Mr. Putin, who sees himself as a ‘victim’ of antisemitism, is also selling mobile-launched missiles to Syria, a nation that supports terror groups and is officially at war with Israel.

And, he’s rehabilitating Stalin.

Does Chabad have no shame?

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