Chabad Boxer Wins NABA Championship

Chabad boxer Dmitry "Star of David" Salita has won the North American Boxing Association junior welterweight title. While this isn’t the WBA or the WBC, it’s still impressive. Salita is the first Jewish champion in any division or association in 27 years. His manager is a Chabadnik who carries a Tanya during each fight. Salita himself is shomer Shabbat and won’t fight on Friday nights or Saturdays. Salita is ranked (PDF download) at number 11 by the WBA and is unranked by the WBC and the IBA.



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2 responses to “Chabad Boxer Wins NABA Championship

  1. Anonymous

    Does he accept the Rebbe as Messiah ? The Ocean Avenue Lubavitch house he is connected with is openly Messianic.

  2. Anonymous

    Were any visitors to this site at the fight Thursday evening ? How many ‘frum’ people were there ? Did they have dancing girls for entertainment this time again or just Matisyahu ?

    See also related story at

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