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Max Kohanzad of has started a blog and toned-up his website. Check it out.



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The New “Jerusalem Compass” Exposed

The new compass that points to Jerusalem and "defies" the laws of nature has been exposed as fraud. As Rebel Jew notes, the Observant Astronomer did some research into the compass, marketed by, among others, Torah Educational Software and endorsed by leading rabbis (a.k.a., gedolim) including leading anti-Slifkin agitator Rabbi Moshe Shternbuch. This is what he found:

I have located what is apparently the patent application in question. The inventor is indeed Moshe, but he now apparently lives in New Jersey. It is listed as a "Novelty Item". As one of the anonymous commentators speculated, it is indeed a standard compass with the magnetized needle hidden and another, non-magnetized, needle suspended above it set to point east. At point 14 it points out that similar devices could be made for other locations ". For example, a compass indicating South can be marketed in Finland and Russia," etc. At point 16, it is designed to "appear to defy the laws of physics" by minimizing the space for the magnetized needle.

So, it will only work from one location. It does not point any more accurately to Jerusalem than any other compass. It just saves you having to turn 90 degrees.

My take on this "invention" can be seen here and here.


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Nation Of Islam Trashes Liquor Stores, Kidnaps Worker


In what appears to be an attempt to impose Sharia law in the US, a gang made up of members of Lewis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam has allegedly trashed liquor stores, committed arson and kidnapped a store employee. Why? The store Muslim-owned stores sell liquor to blacks.

Oh, and what gave these geniuses away? Maybe this:

Investigators said it was too soon to say whether the vandals were
connected to Monday’s fire and kidnapping of clerk at the same store
ransacked by a gang of black men in suits and bow ties three days


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New Haredi Blogs Bash Non-Orthodox

A ba’al teshuva ‘non-denominational’ haredi has started two blogs with the sole purpose of bashing the Reform and Conservative movements. Clean your own house, my friend. There is enough dirt there to last many lifetimes.


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Chabad Blocks DNA Tests On Newly Discovered Holocaust Remains

Chabad’s front organization the Rabbinical Center of Europe and ZAKA have blocked DNA testing on newly discovered Holocaust remains. The testing would have given closure to surviving family members still seeking information of their lost relatives.

This is perhaps the greatest misuse of halakha in our lifetimes. Only truly ignorant men would deprive these families of closure, and these murder victims proper burial in Eretz Israel or in family plots wherever they may be.

Ha’aretz reports:

The bones of 34 Jewish inmates discovered in a mass grave in a military camp in Germany will be reburied in the camp, a spokesman for the Rabbinical Center of Europe (RCE) told Haaretz yesterday.

RCE sources said genetic tissue and DNA tests will not be held due to the objection of ultra-Orthodox circles, including the Zaka emergency rescue and recovery organization.

It does not appear, therefore, that establishing a blood relationship between the victims and their relatives living in Israel will be possible.

Israel Police estimates that at least 20 families are related to the victims, as reported in Haaretz yesterday. …

A spokesman for the RCE, an umbrella organization affiliated with Habad, said the reburial ceremony is scheduled for December 15, and European and Israeli public figures would be invited. An 85 year-old Dutch citizen, one of the camp’s only living survivors, is also expected to attend the ceremony.…


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Rabbi Aaron Feldman’s Untruthful New Letter

Rabbi Aaron Feldman, Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Israel in Baltimore, was an early supporter of the now-banned "Zoo Rabbi" Rabbi Nosson Slifkin. He wrote a disgusting essay distributed several months ago in which he blamed Rabbi Slifkin for the damage done to the reputations of the foolish rabbis (known as gedolim) who banned him. Why? Rabbi Slifkin’s defense was to tell the truth, cite his sources and point out the errors of the rabbis who banned him. He did this so well that the gedolim looked bad.

Now, Rabbi Feldman has written an untruthful letter (reproduced here) to Moment Magazine criticizing its accurate coverage of the issue.

Just another reason why Orthodoxy is no longer a viable or accurate representation of Judaism. Sad.


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Pope Jewish, Historian Claims

Pope_john_paul_2A Jewish historian is claiming that Pope John Paul 2 was Jewish. The "proof" is weak and the argument weaker, but, hey, you never know.

(First spotted on the Canonist.)

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