Falash Mura

The Los Angeles Times has good overview of the Falash Mura situation:

We can’t estimate how many are waiting for nothing," said Ori Konforti, head of the Jewish Agency for Israel in Addis Ababa, which has been appointed by the Israeli government to sort out who is a Jew and which Jews qualify for immigration. A final list of those eligible for resettlement is expected in June.

"It’s a tragedy," he said. "We’re going to give many people — maybe hundreds, maybe thousands — a negative answer."

Without disputing the need to be careful to airlift only those truly eligible to immigrate under the law of return, I still cannot shake the feeling that, if these people were doctors, scientists and engineers there would not be this hyper concern for quadruple-checking each lineage and the very evident foot-dragging that surrounds it.

The Sudan Times has a complimentary report on the American Jewish delegation to the Falash Mura of Addis Ababa.



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4 responses to “Falash Mura

  1. Anonymous

    I heard the Ethiopians aren’t really Jewish

  2. Funny. I keep hearing the same thing about you.

  3. Or if they were pork-loving total goy-scum pogromist/kossak criminal filth from the former USSR, they would love to bring them over [and let them steal the ‘sal klita’ 5 times in a row so they can start their own whorehouse in Ramat Gan, and similar things].

    Because the filth are ‘european/white’ and would vote for ‘Avodah’, and wouldn’t mind cracking us “kikes'” skulls when the day came [oh, it came already].


    PS – Do you recall that it was the vegetable exDiKtator A. ShaKron who ‘blew the cover’ of that first Jewish Ethiopian (secret) Aliyah?

  4. Mazeartist


    IT is nearly impossible to tell the physical difference between an Ethiopian Jew and an Ethiopian goy. Maybe the goy simply wants to felee the poverty of Africa for the relative prosperity of Israel by posing as a Jew?

    There is a good reason why the Rebbe exercised caution?

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