New Tomb From Time Of Exodus Found In Valley Of The Kings


Archaeologists from the University of Memphis have uncovered a new intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings just outside the ancient city of Luxor, Egypt:

The 18th Dynasty tomb included five mummies in intact sarcophagi with colored funerary masks along with more than 20 large storage jars, sealed with pharaonic seals, Zahi Hawass, head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities said in a statement.

The statement, issued Wednesday, did not specify whether the tomb was believed to be that of a pharoah. The 18th Dynasty ruled from around 1560 BC to 1085 BC, and Tutankhamun was among its kings.

A Memphis University team of archaeologists led by Otto Schaden found the tomb four meters below the ground, buried under rubble and stones five meters away from Tut’s tomb.

Inside the rectangular tomb, the five wooden sarcophagi were surrounded by the jars, which appeared placed haphazardly, suggesting the burial was completed quickly, the statement by Hawass said.

The tomb dating spans the period of Jewish enslavement in Egypt, the Exodus, and the period of the Judges. (This will be narrowed down on further insection.) A formal announcement is expected tomorrow.



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8 responses to “New Tomb From Time Of Exodus Found In Valley Of The Kings

  1. ibn Abu

    The article is wrong. The Eighteenth dynasty ruled from the expulsion of the Hyksos in the mid 1500’s BCE until the rise of Rameses I in c. 1300. The most likely date for the Exodus and the period of the judges covers the centuries that come after.

  2. I think it depends who’s doing the dating.

  3. ibn Abu

    Not really. Virtually all the mainstream chronologies place the 18th dynasty (the dynasty that overthrew the Hyksos) c. 1500s-1300 BCE. Under the Rohl chronology (which is not accepted by most serious scholars) 18th commences c. 1100 BCE and Shishak of the Bible is identified with Rameses II of the 19th dynasty instead of Hedjkheperre Setepenre Shoshenq of the 22nd.
    Most serious Egyptologist regard Rohl’s work with the same degree of skepticism we might view a “scientist” who denies health risks of metzitzah b’peh.
    However, even if one accepts Rohl’s chronology, there is no scholar who would say “the 18th Dynasty ruled from around 1560 BC to 1085 BC” because either the conventional view (c. 1560-1300) or the Rohl view (c.1100-900) is true. What nobody disputes is that 18th was approximately 200-250 years in duration. Thus saying that they reigned 1560-1085 is erroneous under any standard.

  4. ibn Abu

    So most likely the tomb predates the Exodus by at least 100 years. But maybe there will be some references to “Israel’s seed” like on the Merneptah Stele. You never know.

  5. IpsoFacto

    Wheres the attacks on Chabad in this article, you usually manage to tie in a couple of accusations against them for something regardless of topic or content.

  6. whats esp funny is that the tanach never mentions the pharohs name. why?
    cause each pharoh had 5 names and the guys who later wrote the torah were unable to read hieroglyphics.

    even the talmud tana types had no clue.

    and you call these guys “wise”…….oi

    they couldn’t even translate ultra-basic hiero eg
    “di ‘nkh djet”

  7. jojo

    I have a gut feeling that this discovery is a highly important breakthrough. Do you believe that Jesus is coming back? That’s the feeling I get when there hasn’t been a tomb discovered in Valley of the Kings for such a long time. Call me ignorant, maybe, as I don’t know who the tomb belongs to–there’s just something about a tomb not being discovered in a place covered with tombs AND everyone’s looking for them. It’s all in the timing.

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