Chabad Airs Messianist Ad In Israel

Tzemach Atlas has a link to a Yud Shvat messianist Chabad radio commercial aired in Israel.



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8 responses to “Chabad Airs Messianist Ad In Israel

  1. Dover Eimes Bilvovoy

    minim !

  2. By the grace of G-d
    Shalom uBrocha!
    Here is a recording of Nathan Zeavi a radio talk show host calling that number on the air asking a brocha from the Rebbe King Moshiach accepting to do more mitzvot and the reply being read to him.
    [audio src="" /]
    very inspiring check it out.
    With respect and blessing.
    Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky
    Moshiach Info Center International
    Yechi Yahweh Tsidkeinu!

  3. Dovid

    Revolting! Though not quite minus… (yet at least)

  4. Shmuel

    The Right Reverend Mr. Sokolovsky, Archbishop of the Church of the Wrong Messiah, is at it again. “RebbeGod”? “Yechi Yahweh Tsidkeinu”? The pain, the embarassment (not to mention the poor Dikduk: it’s “shalom uvracha”)…when will it end?

  5. Dovid

    I have asked Shmarya to block his posts, and I’m asking again, block this fools posts!

  6. B”H
    Dovid are you delusional? Do you think this is
    For all his other faults Shmarya doesn’t censor comments he disagrees with.
    Shavua Tov Everybody!

  7. Dovid

    Let me make something clear: I do not support censorship in any form.

    You are not merely giving an opinion, you are peddling a religion forgein to ours. I ask Shmarya to block your posts much like I would ask him to block posts of a member of Jews for J.

  8. Dover Eimes Bilvavoy.

    Thank you Dovid !
    Messianist Ad In Israel = Tzelem bahekhal !

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