Israel’s Chabad Postage Stamp




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8 responses to “Israel’s Chabad Postage Stamp

  1. Dovid

    What intrests me as a Lubavitcher is that instead of showcasing the things we do (i.e. all of the 10 Mivtzoim’s), it has a large picture of 770. I’m glad that some people remeber that Chabad’s slogan is Uforatztoh, and not Yechi.

  2. Herman Douchebag

    Is this part of a hassidic series-Bobov? Satmar and the others?

    If so they could have an Islamic Series-

    Pictures of the Muslim Saints and of course the big but himself and all the caliphs. You could mail a letter to a country and start a riot!

  3. Shmuel

    Amazing. Israel is putting out a stamp with a building in Brooklyn as its subject. Now I’ve seen everything. Why don’t they do a proper New York City theme: Empire State Building, Times Square, Radio City, NY Stock Exchange, Lee Avenue, 13th Avenue, etc.?

  4. Nachum

    Apparently, they wanted to show the Rebbe, but Chabad reacted the way…well, the way Muslims are reacting.

    To be fair, there’ve been a number of Israeli stamps showing shuls, yeshivot, and the like outside of Israel.

  5. Schneur

    The Belzer tried to get the USPS to issue a stamp with the Old Belz synagogue in Galicia. Nothing doing.

  6. Dovid

    The reason Chabadniks don’t want a stamp with a picture of the Rebbe on it is they don’t want to press down on it while applying it to a letter, the Rebbe said this.

  7. nachos

    or lick a stamp with te rebbe on it

  8. Masorti

    This discussion is starting to remind me of an old joke from the Soviet Union:
    Question: Why is it that no could use a stamp with Brezhnev’s (or any other leader) face on it?
    Answer: Half the population licked the wrong side, and the other half spit on the wrong side.

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