Guest Post: Olmert’s War Against The Settlers

I’ve decided to publish occasional guest posts from readers, including readers who disagree with me. Hopefully this will become a regular feature. If you want to guest post, send me an e-mail. (The link is on the left side of the page near the top.)

The following post is from Fern Sidman, a Kahane supporter. As regular readers of this blog surely know, I strongly disagree with the views expressed below.


It was recently reported that Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert directed Israeli forces to use extreme violence against Jewish protestors during last week’s televised evacuation and demolition of Jewish homes in Amona.  According to a top official in Olmert’s Kadima party divulged this information.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, routinely serves as an Olmert advisor on international issues, has charged that Olmert ordered the violence as a tactic to win votes from leftist Israelis by demonstrating that he is capable of withdrawing Jews from Judea and Samaria.

"The extreme television images last week of settlers being brutalized was what Olmert needed. He knows he lost the right-wing voters to Likud and the nationalist parties. He has the center voters. Now he is trying to attract votes from Israelis on the left who strongly oppose the settlements," the unnamed official said.

MK Benny Elon said, "Olmert is not a military man. He doesn’t have a strong defense background like Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who everyone knows can get tough. So Olmert’s public relations people told him he needs to act macho against the settlers ahead of the elections to prove to them he can push through what the extreme leftists want, a West Bank evacuation."

It was also recently reported that the Yassamniks and Israeli police sexually abused young Jewish settler girls. According to direct testimony, the girls said the police called them prostitutes, threatened to rape them and touched their private parts. Older women as well have said that police groped their bodies. "Police officers rubbed up against us and touched our chest and intimate body parts. They used dirty words while doing it. One policeman said: ‘Come, I’ll screw you’… We felt like we were being raped." (The testimony of a girl in Amona)

It is clear that Mr. Olmert was responsible for the approval of this heinous brutality and humilation of the settlers. It is clear that in order to ensure a political victory for himself, he is willing to destroy the entire settler movement. He has referred to the settlers as the "Jewish Hamas". He is willing to use the blood of Jewish children in order to capture votes. The actions of the Olmert government are an egregious usurption of  the basic civil rights of the settlers. It is not surprising that Olmert has refused to open up an investigation into the police brutality in Amona. If all the facts were to surface it would clearly indict him of government sponsored violence of a segment of the population.



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4 responses to “Guest Post: Olmert’s War Against The Settlers

  1. Neo-Conservaguy

    It’s hard to know the whole truth from the spinning on all sides, and the videos only show certain segments of the events. Many people, even some opposed to the settlers, agree it seems the police were over-eager to use violence in the evacuation. The sights on the videos pf police violence are ugly and disturbing; so were the sights of the same and worse violence by the settlers in Gaza.

    But, is Mr. Sidman as willing to acknowledge that violence was also planned by some of the residents of Amona? Is he willing to acknowledge that the violence of the settlers in Gaza toward the military is what helped setup the violence by the police in Amona? Is he willing to acknowledge that the residents defied the rule of law of the legitimate government by remaining in Amona?

  2. ma rabbi

    It has been established that the police were guilty of brutality.I hope that the Knesset investigation will reveal that it was Olmert who gave the orders and that he is imppeached.

  3. aryeh calvin

    Impeachment is an american process. Unfortanetly the knesset invesigation probably wont be completed before the election.Left Wing Religious Zionists supports territorial connecessions to save lifes. Right Wing religious zionists hold that conquest of the land implies that lives will be lost in the process of taking and holding the land because people die in a war. Giving Land to the Arabs is a violation of the biblical mitzvah of conquering the land and the basis for cooperating with the secular state according to Right Wing Religious Zionism. You are seeing increasing signs that right wing relgious zionism will not be able to tolerate a state that supports a direct violation of a biblical precept without any means of influencing or reversing the actions of the state.

  4. Dovid

    The reason I oppose giving away land has nothing to do with right-wing zionisim, (I’m not even a zionist), but rather it’s giving them a closer target, as well as the satasfaction “We got the Jews to give into terror”.

    Would the US give away Detroit because of militant Candians? I don’t think so….

    To quote Rabbi Meir Kahane HY”D (v’kabel es ha’emes mimi she’amro”): “You don’t negotiate with terrorists, you kill terrorists” (Note: VP Dick Cheney said similar sentiments this week after another audio cassete from Bin Laden yimach shmo was discovered).

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