New Hip Fashion Designer Former Chabad Follower

The new Isaac Mizrahi appears to be 20-year-old, Chabad-born-and-raised, former Crown Heights resident Levi Okunov. The Forward reports.



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6 responses to “New Hip Fashion Designer Former Chabad Follower

  1. TzudikD

    Lubavitch is smart in not letting their young put their creativity in anything useful (aside from scams I suppose, at least it puts food on the rather large tables), it’s a door to the outside better left closed. It’s interesting to hear that he’s having a Rabbi come learn with him, I hope he doesn’t forget that Lubavitch is fundametally opposed to what he’s doing, something it seems Mattisyahu has long forgotten. Kind of like the orthodox gays that seek acceptance from the wider orthodox community. Go figure.

  2. so long as the guy gives lots of money to chabad, they will bless his endeavours. no matter how vulgar the clothes he designs.

    as a charedi guy once told me, “we believe in any god so long as he’s green”

  3. Dovid

    I met Levi 2 years ago, he wasn’t religous when I met him, he ad started to be a genius then, and had even found a friend in Nicole Kidman!

  4. TzudikD

    They’re probobly beginning his cultivation as a external lacky (ie. someone that gain acceptance by way of contributions). After I left, it took years before I could even look at a rabbi without getting nausious. Clockwork orange style!

  5. Dovid

    Note that noone in Chabad has said that we support what he does, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak to him!

  6. Shanchik

    Hey, just found out about this from a friend about this post. Want to give out a shout out to someone I know from Israel, Michael Korn — nice to see you in the same space again. How have you been.

    In terms of Levi, the guy is bursting with creativity.RE: Dovid– noone in chabad supports what he does? Not as a community as a whole yet his own mother has stated, as featured in the Yiddish Forward, that if they would have a mechitza she would come. Don’t forget that the guy has a family:) Taking this even further, have you interviewed everyone in the hood to make such an absolete statement? Just trying to keep this in a politically correct prospective.

    As much as I know Levi, which is from here and there but still from here and here…I really doubt he’s seeking approvement from the lubavitcher community, and I seriously doubt he cares of their outlook upon his current life-style but he remains very respectful and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Levi is just Levi, and does what he does best, which is intervining his strong connection to what still lies in his heart with what he does the best…giving form and colors to formerly shapeless pieces of cloth, sometimes nigunim help him.

    Lubavitch should be impressed that the cultivation of the upcoming talent took place in the basement within the community.

    I left partially because the system was majorly suppressing my individuality…it seems it is still a consistent factor even today. And please guys, lets not argue about it. I’m just stating how I feel.

    Michael, you are absolutely right, as long as the hood gets the cash, they would cheer him on in his profession. Lets put it this way: Would Agudas Anshei Chabad ever REFUSE his money even thought they have fundamental ideological differences? Let’s hope I’m wrong:)

    In any case, zai gezunt, a gut voch and L’chaim.

    P.S. everything mentioned above are just my opinions based on observation. No disrespect intended, I am only trying to stay consitent with my personal integrity.

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