Rabbi Elyashiv Hospitalized


Rabbi Yosef Sholom Elyashiv, the ninety-plus-year-old leader of non-hasidic haredim, has been hospitalized with chest pains. The rabbi’s condition is described as good, and there have been no reports of a heart attack or other serious illness. The rabbi will remain in Jerusalem’s Sha’arei Tzedek hospital over the weekend for observation and diagnostic testing. Leaders of the haredi community have asked for prayers to be said for his speedy recovery.



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3 responses to “Rabbi Elyashiv Hospitalized

  1. Dovid

    How about his name and mothers name!

  2. BTA

    It would seem consistent with your Kaduri post to daven for his refuah shlema.

  3. Sure. Go ahead. I put up whatever info I had.

    It seems to me his condition is stable, and that he is suffering from angina, which may be dealt with by angioplasty or simply by nitro patches.

    But his condition is not listed as serious or life-threatening, so I only posted the call from haredi leaders to pray. I did not add my own, because, while prayer is always important, I make a distinction of sorts between tryly dangerous situations and those that are, thank God, not.

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