More On Rav Kaduri, Z”L

The Australian has a Times piece on Rav Kaduri, z"l, with some information missing from earlier reports:

In l995 [Rav Kaduri] also publicly cursed Yitzhak Rabin, the former general and then prime minister, for his readiness to swap land for peace. A month later Rabin fell to a right-wing religious fanatic’s bullet in Tel Aviv.…

The records of Kaduri’s birth were lost. It is known that it was in Iraq, in either Basra or Baghdad, and the assumption that it was during the autumn of l897 was unchallenged in later years. His father was a spice merchant, and the family wealth enabled Yitzhak to travel repeatedly to Jerusalem, then part of the Ottoman empire. He settled there in l922.

He earned his living as a translator for the British Army, then sustaining the League of Nations mandate for Palestine. In his early 30s Kaduri set up as a kabbalist, dispensing blessings, advice and amulets to the sick, troubled and childless, while earning his main living as a bookbinder. It was not until his 60s that his son and grandson set up an academy for him in the Bukharian quarter of Jerusalem. By then he was a venerable as well as charismatic figure in that part of the city.

His constituency lay with the constantly growing number of North African and Oriental Jews, both poor and poorly educated by Western standards, whose religion was said by critics to be based as much on superstition as on faith. It was to them that Kaduri’s amulets were particularly attractive.

In his last years Kaduri additionally espoused the messianism of the European Chassidic sect Lubavitch. Kaduri repeatedly proclaimed the Messiah to be already living, albeit anonymously, in Israel.



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2 responses to “More On Rav Kaduri, Z”L

  1. Yankel

    Why do you think that just because someone with a deeper knowledge of the world says that the messiah is alive, that he is in some way tied to chabad? He said living anonymously which would mean that his name is not shneerson.

  2. ah yid

    he also sayd in israel wich shneerson was never to.

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