Halal – Equivalent To Kosher?

I recently noticed a new symbol on a line of (non-dairy, non-meat) Arab deli items produced in Minnesota, including hummous, tabouli and the like:

"Halal – Equivalent to Kosher"*

Have any of you seen this symbol or something like it? Has any legal action been taken? Opinions?

Please discuss.

[As a side note, I called the rabbi who ‘removed’ me from the community to give him a heads up on this symbol, which appears to violate Minnesota law. This was the first contact with him that I have had in two years.]

* From Wikipedia:

The Qur’anic verse 5:5 declares that the food of the People of the Book is halaal. Many interpret this reference to imply that the dietary laws
are similar enough to (though less restrictive than) those regulating
kashrut that Muslims can consume kosher meat and other food products
when there are no halaal alternatives. Of course, kosher products that
include alcohol among their ingredients are still haraam.

In certain instances, some Islamic authorities have permitted
Muslims to rely upon kosher certification (particularly in regard to
slaughtering) when halaal food is otherwise unavailable. This view is
subject to debate, however, and is rejected by many, for a variety of
reasons. Jewish authorities do not allow reliance upon halaal
certification as a substitute for kashrut and many Islamic authorities
argue the same for kashrut certification. Islamic groups advise using
Kashrut certification only as a last resort.



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9 responses to “Halal – Equivalent To Kosher?

  1. In North Philadelphia most supermarkets carry a wide array of Empire Chicken products because the large Muslim population will eat it. It shocked me the first time I saw it.

  2. Anonymous

    What Rabbi removed you from what community ?

  3. See “Who publishes FailedMessiah” on the upper left side of this page.

  4. Shmuel

    I didn’t know that there was a controversy about allowing Muslims to eat properly shechted kosher meat and chicken. If no halal meat is around, I understood that it was ok for them to eat kosher bdi’eved. Curious.

  5. Nachum

    They’re probably trying to explain Halal to non-Muslims who don’t know what it is.

  6. Anonymous

    “See “Who publishes FailedMessiah” on the upper left side of this page.”

    I looked at it and it was interesting, but didn’t give the name of who did such a ban and what community you were banned from. I assume it was a Lubavitcher and from a Lubavitch community. Was it done formally or did you mean loosely speaking ? Anyway, in hindsight, however unpleasant it was/is, it had a good side, in that it got you disconnected from that fringe sect.

  7. I’m impressed with you, you placed the good of the community before your own issues, Yaher Koach!

    If this is an entirly muslim authority, we should make a fuss about it, thanks for pointing it out!

  8. Isa

    I have a book on halal.
    Moslems are permitted kosher food
    However a Moslem can go hunting and shoot down a duck and just say Allah… and that meat is halal according to some/most opinions.
    Of couse they cam eat the meat of ALL the cow.
    They do shecht their meat with a blade.
    I have heard in the past, that go to a kosher slaughterhouse and watch the Jewish schohet and they probably say Allah.. then. Allah and Elokeem share the same root. In Syriac/ Aramaic the word is Alloh
    Beside pig flesh, it is not clear what else is forbidden. Fishermen in the Persian gulf may very eat crab or shrimp or even shark

  9. Mike Kittell

    Halal, I don’t know what it means in Islam but in Jewish usage is “reik” or empty. E.G. something empty of kedushah. It is definitely not kosher; the slaughter is similar to shechitah and there is no melichah that I know of.
    Of course I have noticed the same problems re: melichah at some “kosher” supermarket counters but won’t name them anymore as per your legal etc. and I am tired of flame wars..
    Halal rules also allow mixing meat and milk, and camel products (although maybe that isn’t so common in the US).
    Muslims maybe aren’t as strict in that they may accept our shechita as ok for them; you’d have to ask them.

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