Hesder Rabbis Object To Proposed Changes

Hesder roshei yeshiva met to complain about a new IDF proposal to lengthen hesder army service to 2 years from its current 18 months. This would be in conjunction with shortening regular army service from 3 years to 2, removing hesder’s advantage. The army also plans to integrate units, which was accepted by a few of the rabbis. But, as the Jerusalem Post reports, there is more to this story than meets the eye:

Several heads of hesder yeshivot told The Jerusalem Post that a
growing number of soldiers are choosing to postpone indefinitely army
service like haredi yeshiva students.

Rabbi Elyakim Levanon, head of the Elon Moreh hesder yeshiva
and symbol of the more right-wing rabbis faithful to former Chief
Ashkenazi Rabbi Avraham Shapira who advocated insubordination during
disengagement, have gained popularity.

Levanon said that he already noticed a sharp rise in interest
in his yeshiva, six months before enrollment, which takes place in the
Jewish month of Elul.

Attempts by the IDF to single out Levanon for censure for calling to refuse military orders have only boosted his popularity.

The solution is to stop all hesder programs. Now is not too soon.



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7 responses to “Hesder Rabbis Object To Proposed Changes

  1. Eliyahu

    This must be a difficult issue for you – you could attack the peacenik chareidim like Ger, who joined the expulsion gov’t, or the anti-disengagement chareidim like chabad.

    When you have the opportunity to attack only 1 of 2 chareidi groups, how do you decide (coin toss?)

  2. aryeh calviin

    if you stop hesder it will lead to the complete refusal to serve by majority of the religious zionist population due to the rampant immorality present in the regular army units.It would also punish people like Rabbi Aviner and Rabbi Lichentstein who stood up againt the advocates of insubordination

  3. So start something new with those two. But the best solution is to totally separate religion and state. Go to an educational voucher system, let parents choose qualified schools. But separate religion from state. Also, 2 years of service for all – either in the army or in a real form of national service – must be mandatory.

  4. Anonymous

    Shmarya – when are you enlisting ?

  5. PishPosh

    Aryeh if only the daatiim would serve more often and touch the soldiers with some real Jewish valuse then something really can change and from the inside. Never in the Torah has army service been seen as less then noble and nor would it be now.

  6. Shmuel

    But now army service is perceived as death itself. Now I understand why charedim never learn Tanach: it’s one battle after another, with JEWS fighting in a Jewish army! That just has to be treif! We fought Amalek, the Canaanites, Philistines, Moabites, etc. It is just amazing that warfare takes up so much of the Torah’s attention.

  7. You seperate God entirly from the goverment it will be more imorral then it already is! (Please Shmarya, don’t you call it the JEWISH state for a reason?!)

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