Kopul Rosen #4: Chabad & The Gospel Of Mark

Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes in this week’s Something Jewish:

I find it fascinating that the Gospel of Mark in the
New Testament contains a similar story of a man being warned not to
reveal a miraculous healing, but publicizing it anyway. It seems that
it’s not just the Second Coming that some people in Chabad are
borrowing from Christianity! If people can invent nonsense like this to
bolster their belief systems, then every story they tell becomes
suspect. Myths and lies certainly won’t help bring ‘Moshiach Now’!

was my mother’s Yahrzeit this week. Out of respect for her memory, let
alone my father’s, zl, I hope someone in Chabad has the integrity and
authority to put an end to this for the sake of its own good name.

Kopul Rosen 1, 2 & 3.



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2 responses to “Kopul Rosen #4: Chabad & The Gospel Of Mark

  1. rebeljew

    Also, in the NT, there is a story of a man who is dying and he tells J that he prayed that he would not die until he saw the Messiah. This was absorbed into the Ten Commandments movie. I wonder if it is behind the supposed similar promise that the Rebbe made to Kaduri.

  2. Dovid

    Intresting though I have never seen any proof that the Rebbe promised him that. I don’t remember seeing it on the video of the Rebbe ZT”L and Rav Kaduri ZT”L meeting, whose to say it even happened?

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