Ex-Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu: Any PM Who Carries Out Disengagement Will Disengage From This World


Former Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu has issued a threat against politicians who would dare to cede land to Arabs. Ynet’s Zvi Alush reports:

Stern warning: Any Israeli prime minister who dares undermine the Land of Israel or disengage from parts of it "may be disengaged from this world," former Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu said in an interview with an ultra-Orthodox weekly.

Addressing pulsa denura ([pseudo-]Kabbalistic death curse) ceremonies performed against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Eliyahu said: "There is no person in the world who can perform a pulsa denura. The only one able to do a pulsa denura is the Land of Israel."

"In the past, some leaders undermined the land of Israel and gave away parts of it, and later they suffered grave disasters," the rabbi said. "There’s no reason to name any names. When they asked me to pray for their health, I said first we will pray for their mental health, and later for their physical health."

The rabbi issued another stern warning, saying that "the land of Israel pays whoever undermines it in this world already – and in cash."

"Everyone who spoke about concessions was hurt, and certainly those who didn’t make do with talk and really undermined it, and the list is long," Rabbi Eliyahu said.

Hawkish disengagement foe

The rabbi, who served as Israel’s chief rabbi in the 1980’s, is currently considered one of the two main spiritual leaders of Religious Zionism along with Rabbi Avraham Shapira.

On the eve of the Gaza disengagement, Rabbi Eliyahu led a hawkish line against the pullout and made appearances in rallies organized by settlers, at one point assuring listeners the disengagement would not happen.

After his predications, which raised great hopes among disengagement foes, failed to materialize, the rabbi offered the following explanation: "I was talking about prayer, not a prophecy."

Rabbi Eliyahu and his colleagues inch ever closer to jail. Rabbi Eliyahu’s remarks can be read as incitement to murder. It’s about time Israel’s security services do so – and act against him.



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5 responses to “Ex-Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu: Any PM Who Carries Out Disengagement Will Disengage From This World

  1. B”H
    I don’t understand how is it an incitement.
    He is saying that these people are commiting a sin and G-d will punish them like he did their predecesors who did the same.
    When you feel like it you are “pro democracy” when you feel otherwise you are against freedoms of speech religion etc.
    make up your mind Shmarya.

  2. For once I agree with Ariel… He didn’t say “murder Olmert in his sleep!”, he said that G-d will punish them, that is all.

    For a person that enjoys freedom of expression, speach and press, your statements about Rabbi Eliyahu are pretty rash.


    I agree that Rabbi Eliyahu’s statements do not fall within the parameters of incitement. He is entitled to his beliefs and in a society tht respects basic civil rights, including that of freedom of speech, religion, the press, etc., he certainly has the right to express his views. He did not assert or state that anyone should be harmed.
    To suggest that he be arrested for incitement would be a blow to the democratic character of Israel and would represent a dangerous precedent for our basics freedoms.

  4. mibessarekha al titaallam

    to the wannabe rabbi , and fern :
    sure freedom of speech . you don’t understand .
    just change the country to read usa instead of israel , the speaker from m. eliahu to david duke , will you then understand ?

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