Rabbi Mordechai Tendler Sues Shul


The Journal News reports on the Rabbi Mordechai Tendler scandal and Rabbi Tendler’s move to sue his synagogue’s board in beit din (religious court). Surprisingly, it is a one-sided report in largely in favor of Rabbi Tendler. I suspect the tone of future reports will change when more details of Rabbi Tendler’s life are made public by the courts. Orthodoxy’s stubborn refusal to set up a viable way of dealing with alledged rabbinic sexual abuse has turned this case into a circus. In the end, it will be Orthodoxy, not just the Tendlers, that will be damaged.

If the allegations against Rabbi Tendler prove true, his closest defenders, who appear to have played fast and lose with this case, must suffer punishment. In my mind that means Rabbi Moshe Tendler is removed from Yeshiva University, and Rabbi Dovid Feinstein is marginalized and removed from the Moetzet (the haredi council of Torah sages). Of course, this will not happen, no matter how much evidence against the Tendler-Feinstein family surfaces. And that is another reason why Orthodoxy as we know it is dying.

WABC’s report can be read here.



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5 responses to “Rabbi Mordechai Tendler Sues Shul

  1. Yochanan Lavie

    Remember the Lanner affair? I witnessed some of the things that creep did. Are we becoing like the Catholic Church with pedophile priests? I pray not.

  2. Your headlin Rabbi sues shul is incorrect, he’s taking them to Beis-Din, perfectly fine according to halacha…

    (This post is not an endorsment of Rabbi Tendler).

  3. non chabadtzker

    it is also not true that RDF is currently on the moetzet

  4. Echoes…echoes…at least R. Tendler is in line to be canonized, as a Saint.

  5. Anonymous

    is it possible thar RMT is the meesiah?

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