Chabad’s Very Own Rasta #2


The New York Post has an interview (via with Matisyahu. The Post, not known for a stong arts section, appears to love him. Not so with Rolling Stone, which just trashed Matisyahu’s second album this way:

The whirlwind of attention surrounding twenty-six-year-old Matthew
Miller — better known as the reggae newcomer Matisyahu — can
partly be attributed to the fact that the world has never seen a
Hasidic Jew rocking payos side-locks and the mike with
equal devotion. Youth, his major-label debut, arrives amid
numerous high-profile slots at reggae festivals and a cameo on
P.O.D.’s recent track "Roots in Stereo."

Much of the time, Matisyahu sounds like the former
Phish-following high school dropout from White Plains, New York,
that he is. His voice is nimble but reedy, his choruses generally
given over to starchy platitudes like "You can’t sew a stitch with
one hand while you’re taking it apart." … [T]he most exceptional
thing about Matisyahu remains the most circumstantial.

Funny. Rolling Stone’s take is basically what I wrote last week. Matisyahu pimps the image, and Chabad pimps Matisyahu.

[Partial hat tip: Dovid Lerner.]



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7 responses to “Chabad’s Very Own Rasta #2

  1. How dare you insult the NY Post, that is blasphemous! 🙂 (Of all of Rupert Murdoch’s media outlets, it’s the most entertaining…)

  2. Nachum

    Yesterday’s Metro paper said that he’s already being turned against by the music world. Yesterday’s news, it seems.

  3. Stimach

    He is indeed, lamer than crap. The worst thing is his ridiculous Jamaican accent for singing and his faux Yiddish lilt for speaking–neither of which are the accents he grew up with. He defines the word poseur in every way possible.

  4. Shep

    Ummm, I hate to defend Matisyahu, but if RS can’t tell he doesn’t have peyot how can dissect his album (which does sound terminally pop – he is to Yiddish what Christina Aguilera is to Latino).

  5. ben matityah

    chabad, min haktubim !
    how so ?
    sheneemar :
    כה אַל-יֵשְׂטְ אֶל-דְּרָכֶם לִבֶּךָ; אַל-תֵּתַע, בִּנְתִיבוֹתֶם.
    כו כִּי-רַבִּים חֲלָלִים הִפִּילָוַ; וַעֲצֻמִים, כָּל-הֲרֻגֶיהָם.
    כז דַּרְכֵי שְׁאוֹל בֵּיתָם; יֹרְדוֹת, אֶל-חַדְרֵי-מָוֶת.

  6. kelli

    Hey Nachum,
    I think Matisyahu is awesome He is singing about G-d and reaching out to the younger generation with good things (Jews and Non-Jews). He might have different accents (which he did not grow up with) but at least he is saying good things with those accents!

  7. OneTopJob6

    Way to use selective quoting… If this is your idea of “trashing” Matis, I’d hate to see what you’d say when they ACTUALLY trash him.

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