Rabbi Kopul Rosen #5: More Chabad Myths Surface

Chabad appears to be unable to leave the Rabbi Kopul Rosen story alone. CrownHeights.info has lengthly article based on a piece written by Rabbi Nachman Sudak that contains many of the lies found in Rabbi Tuvia Bolton’s recent article. Worse yet, these lies were printed in Kfar Chabad Magazine #196. [Images of the article are found below.] This again proves that Chabad creates myths of the Rebbe’s greatness and "supernatural" powers. Every miracle story Chabad tells about its Rebbes should be viewed with suspicion. If the Rabbi Kopul Rosen stories are any indication, they are mostly lies.

[Hat tip: Dovid Lerner.]

UPDATE: Rabbi Jeremy Rosen writes:

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. At least now I know the source of the myth. On the one hand Rabbi Sudak was indeed ‘involved’ and close to the events. On the other his imagination has got the better of him because he has so many details completely wrong, such as changing the school curriculum ( any pupil of that era will attest that nothing changed) or the blood transfusions ceasing. My father spent the last month of his life in an Oxford clinic receiving  blood regularly.

But by now I am reconciled to the fact that certain circles, in enhancing a myth, truth is irrelevant!

It is clear no Chabad rebbe stories can be trusted. Are some true or partially true? Sure. But many are just like this one, made up of lies and wild exaggerations. And there is no way to tell them apart.

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4 responses to “Rabbi Kopul Rosen #5: More Chabad Myths Surface

  1. MP

    There is nothing new in this. The Rebbe Rashab said that “only a fool believes all the stories about the Baal Shem Tov, but only a heretic does not believe that they could have occurred”. There is no doubt that a good number of the stories about the Rebbe are similarly enhanced and that many others are indeed accurate. And therefore…?
    The whole Rebbe-miracle-maker routine is not in Chabad spirit anyway. But in America, with a huge influx of various newcomers (especially the ones from Polish Chassidic background), it became part and parcel of Chabad culture. I am still bothered by it though. Why do so many people feel that the Rebbe, an astonishingly original scholar and inspired spiritual leader of unprecedented proportions need to be propped up by miracle stories (even the true ones)?

  2. mibessarekha al titaallam

    They are incapable of saying a word of truth .
    If they tell you that it is morning , know that it is really night & look for the source of the light that emulates day time.
    If they tell you howevewr that it is night, you can be assured that now is noon & you should be looking for that thick curtain covering the daylight.
    The biggest peddlars of falsehoods are their ubiquitous magazines and newsletters .

  3. ben matityah

    chabad, min haktubim !
    how so ?
    of them it was said :
    ח אַל-תּוֹכַח לֵץ, פֶּן-יִשְׂנָאֶךָּ;

  4. Anonymous

    it just so happens to be that r’ k”r stayed at my grandmother house in c”h at around this time and she recals how he kept running back to the rebbe

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