The Rubashkin T-Shirt

Buy it here. (Also available: Postage stickers, stickers, post cards and other items – including a "Throw Your Panties At Matisyahu" thong.)



Filed under Kosher Meat Scandal, PARODY & SATIRE

6 responses to “The Rubashkin T-Shirt

  1. Nigritude Ultramarine

    How about making a decal one could stick on display cases and merchandise in the store?

  2. Shmarya

    There’s a sticker as well as other items available for use – as you see fit!

    Purim Samayach!

  3. Please follow the link below the picture. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous

    you guys are little gay fags!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Make a shirt that says “I acted like an ass and all I got was put in cherem.

  6. nachos

    Maybe a hook should be put in the throat of some of your commentators. If anyone has a problem with this, why don’t you speak up and try to challenge the facts!!!! The truth is that once again our great leaders sit on their ass and do nothing.

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