Rubashkin’s New Label?


Here’s a link to T-shirts. They’re sold at cost – absolutely no profit at all. Wear one to your local supermarket. Buy a dozen and go grocery shopping with your friends.



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4 responses to “Rubashkin’s New Label?

  1. Anonymous

    what meat do you eat? under rabincal supervision of the eithipian beis din?

  2. jas

    you are so void! hahaha

    ur still figthing the korean war! hahahah

    u loser!

    i would like to thank you (and i’m serious), because if not for people like you, people may of c”v forgot about the rebbe and lubavitch. it is tahax to you that that lubavitch lives on!!! you even are maifitz the picutre of the rebbe (more than on some lubavitch sites).

    here we see even how the sitra achra is even helping kedusha. (see these religous/chabad maniacs, u see what somone wrote to me……)



    i never knew what kind of good work lazar is doing and how close he is to the goverment without your reporting. thanx!!!

    the rebbe is prud of you

  3. I’d eat treif before I’d do anything that supported PETA. If “a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy” as the founder of PETA puts it than a Jew is a cockroach. Animal rights activists are philosophically akin to Nazis. Furthermore, they deliberately minimize the holocaust by comparing the extermination of Jews to the slaughter of chickens for eating.

  4. I’m sure you’ve already made that sacrifice.

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