Why Israeli Protest Is Violent

Noted right-wing activist Yisrael Medad wonders why the settlement movement and Israel’s right wing have not eschewed violence:

[T]he understanding that we need marshals, that we have to be as
non-violent in appearance as possible (like sitting down with no rocks
to throw anywhere, etc.) is lacking.

I have tried to give
seminars and workshops (I appeared as an expert on non-violent civil
activism at the sedition trial of Feiglin and Sackett) but have been
rebuffed and basically ignored.

But maybe things will improve.

Hardly likely. Non-violence was possible in America because the non-violent protesters had a commitment to democracy – Israel’s fascist and theocratic right wing does not. In effect, what Medad wants is for fascists to masquerade as democrats. That may work for a day or two, in very limited circumstances, but it cannot work for the long term. It is the neo-fascist theocrats that dominate the National Religious camp that are to blame for this. Their malfeasance over the last 30 years gave birth to the rotten fruit of Gaza, Amona and the Rabin assassination. And believe you me, more of their progeny will continue to rot the Jewish state from within. May God save us.



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4 responses to “Why Israeli Protest Is Violent

  1. Yes, but that “non-violence” was criminal, and not because of racist laws like Jim Crow. If Feiglin & Co. had chosen to line each side of Dizengoff Street (without blocking traffic) from one end to the other, or the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Highway, you’d have a much stronger point.

    Nice to have you back!

  2. Rebtsvi

    Remember, the non-Violence in the South was also defying the laws.

    Riding in the front of the bus was against the law in Montgomery.

    Drinking for white only water fountains was against the law.

    The war against racism was non-violent but it challenged and defied unjust laws.

  3. Yes. But those were UNJUST laws, not just laws. Blocking Israel’s major roads causing tens thousands of people to miss appointments, etc., is not breaking an unjust law like “no negroes allowed -whites only” water fountains, lunch counters, etc.

  4. Modern Jew

    With the haredization of Orthdox Jewry I’d like to know how an ordinary hard working Jewish adult living in Tel Aviv feels about working like a dog, serving in the army and supporting these parasites?

    Hamas shouldstop its violence and just start paying of haredi rabbi’s the end result will be that Israel will collapse

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