Rabbi David Batzri: Why Didn’t God Create Arabs With 4 Legs? They Are Donkeys!

Israel-based Kabbalist Rabbi David Batzri and his son Rabbi Yitzhak Batzri oppose a Jewish-Arab primary school that has existed in the Pat neighborhood of Jerusalem for nine years. The school is seeking to expand, and the mystical Rabbis Batzri organized a meeting to stop the expansion. Here is part of what they said, as quoted by Ynet:

At the conference, the elder Batzri told Pat
residents: “The establishment of a school like this one is aRabbi_batzri_shofar despicable
and impure act. Stand in the way and prevent this. Darkness and light
cannot be mixed. The people of Israel are pure and Arabs are a nation
of asses. The question must be asked, why didn’t God give them four
legs, because they are asses.”

The son, Yitzhak Batzri, also made objectionable comments.
“The Arabs are beasts and asses,” he said. “They are inferior, they
want to take our daughters. People say we are racist, but – they are
the evil ones, the cruel ones, the scum of snakes. This is war.”

Israel is preparing to indict the rabbis. This type of speech, disgusting as it is, should not be prosecuted – unless violence is be linked to it, as it so often is.

Ha’aretz adds the following bit of theodicy from the Batzris:

Batzri also said the outbreak of bird flu in Israel is God’s punishment for calls in election ads to legalize gay marriages.

Bible says that God punishes depravity first through plagues against
animals and then in people," Batzri said in a religious edict quoted by
his son.

Batzri said he hoped the deaths of hundreds of
thousands of turkeys and chickens would help atone for what he called
the sins of left-wing political parties, Rabbi Yitzhak Batzri told
Reuters a week before the Knesset election.

The bird flu
outbreak stemmed from far-left political parties "strengthening and
encouraging homosexuality," Batzri’s son quoted him as saying.

[Hat tip: Minnesota Twin.]


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One response to “Rabbi David Batzri: Why Didn’t God Create Arabs With 4 Legs? They Are Donkeys!

  1. shmaisser

    ein boor yere chet , velo ‘aam haaretz chassid .

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