New JBlog: Kosher And Humane is a new website/blog exploring the issues of "tzaar baalei hayyim and our kosher food chain." Here’s a sample of the writing:

Does Jewish law – which commands owners to
feed their animals before eating, and mandates humane treatment of
animals – support  what appears to be barbaric cruelty? If it does not,
why are we eating these products, and why are rabbis  endorsing them? … Does
human desire (note: I wrote "desire," not "need") automatically trump tzaar baalei hayyim law? …

Should we care about animal welfare? Or is the comfort of our stomachs more important than the laws of our Torah?



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5 responses to “New JBlog: Kosher And Humane

  1. Shalom,

    As president of the Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA), I welcome this new web site with great enthusiasm, and I pray that it will have a major effect in educating many Jews about how current methods of raising farmed animals violate the Torah teaching of tsa’ar ba’alei chaim. What makes the situation far worse is that these animals are so cruely treated to produce products whose consumption is causing an epidemic of diseases in the Jewish and other communities and whose production contributes significantly to global warming, rapid loss of biological diversity, widening water shortages, deforestation, and many other environmental threats.

    It is time to shift to plant-based diets not only for the sake of hashem;s defenseless creatures, but for the sake of Jewish values, for our health, and the health of our precious, but imperiled planet.

  2. John K. Diamond

    Many kudos for this site being set up!!

    Seeing that there is beginning to be a convergence of many groups, Failed Messiah, the JVNA, PETA and many others to push for “Kosher Humane” animal products is a great “Kiddush Hashem.”

    But we must also press for a sharp reduction in the number of animals raised for the non-kosher market per my article on Global Warming, which will be posted on the JVNA Website ( early next week, and possibly on this website and on PETA’s site.

    The number of animals raised in a “Kosher Humane” system, as recommended, would be very small compared to the number raised for the non-kosher market and would be very far below the number that would significantly add to global warming.

    I still feel, however, that we would be much better off if we eliminated animal products from our diets completely. The Messiah will simply have to make the final ruling on whether consuming animal products will be allowed or not.

    John K. Diamond
    Member, Advisory Committe
    Jewish Vegetarians of North America

  3. Neo-Conservaguy

    Two votes of support from the Jewish Veggies for the new blog. One more strike and… yer out!

    The best thing the Jewish Veggies can do is stay the heck out of these matters. They are only making thing worse because they provide a convenient target to marginalize by virtue of their position against eating meat. Who cares what a veggie thinks about eating meat? The people that matter in the issue of improving the kashruth and humane handling of livestock are Jews that eat meat, because they are working from “inside”, while the veggies are most certainly perceived as “outside” the ring of trust. Like it or not, that’s the deal.

  4. I agree. I would also add that their rhetoric is over-the-top, often extremely one-sided and tone-deaf to boot.

    I stopped eating meat and fowl because of the Rubashkin scandal. In investigating it, I learned about the horors found with large commercial farm-raised animals. That reinforced my desire not to eat meat or fowl. I also try to avoid eggs because of the cruelty issues.

    I do not see a role for a Jewish group promoting vegetarianism, except as a response to those cruelty issues. Much of the stuff spouted by JVNA regarding global warming, health, etc. is simply bad science.

    The Rubashkin scandal handed these guys an amazing chance to promote their cause – if their cause truly was prevention of tzaar baalei hayyim. They blew it – big time.

  5. I should point out I was refering to JVNA as a whole and not to any individual members.

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