Morons For God

Our dear friends over at Neturei Kaka have paid a visit to Hamas murderers. The Gulf Times reports:

The rabbis from the small ultra-Orthodox movement Neturei Karta, which earlier this month sent aMorons_3 delegation to Israeli archfoe Iran, travelled to the the West Bank town of Ramallah to express its support for the Islamic militant group which shares its staunch opposition to the Jewish state.

“We are true Jews who have come to the Palestinian Legislative Council today to proclaim our allegiance to the new Hamas regime,” said a spokesman for the group, which regards the Jewish state as blasphemous and the Palestinians as the rightful rulers of the Holy Land.

“We came to express our complete support for the Palestinian people. We consider ourselves Palestinians and, like them, we regard ourselves as under Zionist occupation.”

[Hat tip: Pinchos ben Yair.]



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14 responses to “Morons For God

  1. Ploni

    And speaking of Morons, the host here thinks he is different then these guys, but yet he wants to censure dissenting voices in the goverment who wish to avoid the scenario that these penguin cockroaches wish to enable.

  2. rebeljew

    Again Shmarya you fail to see the light of truth! G-d demands that we support those who want to kill infidel Jews, probably like yourself. At least the goyim have mesiras nefesh for this noble goal, and send their sons and daughters to blow themselves up as predicted in Devarim “Gam bneihem u’bnotaihem …”. Soon the NK will no doubt enjoin this noble goal of blowing themselves and their children to bits in order to gain the heaven that awaits all Jew killers. Just like their idol, Reb Yasser, they will take the burden on themselves, rather than leaving it to others.

    PS The guy on the left in the picture needs to lay off the cholent. He still has heartburn obviously.

  3. rebeljew

    Please label the two men in this photo and come up with a way for commenters to fill in dialog balloons for them. It’s just so … there!

  4. Neo-Conservaguy

    Ploni, try decaf.

  5. Paul Freedman

    rebel–you bust me up

    as always head and shoulders above those pygmy penguin cockleroaches

  6. Yochanan Lavie

    Rebel Jew: Can one get a heter to blow oneself up on shabbos?

  7. rebeljew


    Yes, if you prepare the bomb before Shabbos and put it on a timer. Or you could have a goy set it off, without a chashash, “mitzva docheh maris ha’ayin”.

  8. Anonymous

    those guys look like they came out of my ass. oh yah they really did

  9. Dovid

    What disturbes me is not the face that they deny the existense of the Israeli goverment, but rather that they collaberate with the sworn enemies of the Jewish people!!!

    If you believe a Jewish goverment is against Halacha, that is one thing. To give support to Hamas yimach sh’mam v’zichram, is treason.

    These are the people who should be arrested, not Rav Eliyahu, not Rabbi Wolpe, at least they support the home team!

    This is about the most horrible chilul hashem I have ever seen.

  10. mazeartist

    Hey Shmarya-

    When are you gonna post those Neturei Karta postcards I sent you?

  11. Isa

    While it is quite disturbing what Neturei Karta stands for; they are the just about the only ones that can go into places like Syria and Iran, but then the poor Jews there have to listen to their propaganda.

  12. Dovid Lerner

    Neturei Karta means “guards of the gates”, apparently these “guards” have fallen asleep on the job…

  13. What are Zionists so flustered about??! You have all the media, all the weapons, all the lobbies, all the rabbis, all the Congress, and virtually all the Jewish People. Are you like Haman who had everything, but couldn’t stand seeing Mordechai refuse to bow??!!
    We also do not bow to the idol of Zionist Moloch.

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