Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu: It Is Forbidden To Vote For Kadima

In another example of scintillating intellect, two days before the election Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu has issued an edict forbidding Israelis to vote for Kadima, for any secular party, or for any religious party that supported (or supports) Disengagement. And who is Rabbi Eliyahu? He is the "spiritual leader" of the National Religious Party and may be most famous for his very public assurance to Gaza residents that Disengagement would not happen. The rabbi was so sure of this, he claimed it was "prophecy." He also ordered Gaza residents not to take compensation packages from the government. The suffering former residents of Gaza are now going through is due in large part to Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu.



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4 responses to “Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu: It Is Forbidden To Vote For Kadima

  1. Shmaisser

    hamor hamorotayim

  2. Ma. Rabbi

    Any proof that Rav Eliyohu shlita claimed this as a “prophesy.” Even if its true, he is absolutely correct in telling Jews not to vote for Ehud Olmert and his suicdal policies.

  3. Google it. It was very widely reported.

  4. Harbona


    him and his friends , were just flushed down the gutter where they belong !

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