Rabbi Elyashiv’s Evil


Dan Rabinowitz at SeforimBlog has a more complete picture of just how bad the new ban on Rabbi Nosson Kamenetsky’s Making of a Gadol is. Not only did Rabbi Elyashiv agree to consult with Rabbi Kamentsky before banning the revised edition of his book, Rabbi Elyashiv’s grandson, who serves as a senior assistant to Rabbi Elyashiv, confirmed this. But the ban was published – published with Rabbi Elyashiv’s agreement and signature, and without consulting Rabbi Kamentsky first or even warning him. Indeed, Rabbi Kamentsky writes:

The author has made it his habit to daven in the morning in R’
Elyashiv’s minyan from time to time, so that if anything arises he can
be informed of immediately.

This last Friday and Sunday he was
at the minyan and no one (including Yisroel Elyashiv – another
grandson) said anything when asked if everything is fine. It was only
after he came home that he found out about the ad and article in Yated

No due process. No respect. Just ban, ban, ban. Rabbi Elyashiv is either suffering ill effects of advanced age or is a very evil man. Either way, he should no longer be a leader of Jews.



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9 responses to “Rabbi Elyashiv’s Evil

  1. Dovid Lerner

    Is there a place I can read some of these “so-called” evil passages, it’s expensive to buy Jewish books in Australia.

  2. rebeljew

    Note that halacha restricts an excessively old man from being a judge because of the tendency toward cruelty.

  3. Dovid Lerner


  4. Yochanan Lavie

    Rabbi Elyashiv should be retitled Ayatollah Elyashiv.

  5. S.

    >Rabbi Elyashiv is either suffering ill effects of advanced age or is a very evil man.

    Why doesn’t your post title reflect the first possibility?

  6. “Why doesn’t your post title reflect the first possibility?”

    Because I do not believe it.

  7. shalom

    do you think rav nosson would call harav hagoan R”KBHG evil .hestill davens there !! have you ever talked to this “evil” thing ! and why dont you blame it on his gabi if you feel someone is evil {if not that i agree }not the gadol hador oh just rember that you have no part in the next world S

  8. Rabbi Elyashiv HURT Rabbi Slifkin, Rabbi Kamentsky, and many others. He did not follow halakha when doing so. he gave no due process. The man is a thug.

    From Indian hair wigs to bans, the man has shown his dishonesty and his willingness to destroy people to get what he wants.

    Maybe it is *YOU* who will not get into Olam HaBa because you have not stood up for the people oppressed by Rabbi Elyashiv and his thugs.

  9. Levi

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves writing such slander about HaGaon HaAdir Rabbi Elyahiv Shlitah

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