How To Navigate This Site

Just a quick post to explain site navigation. Each post is is indexed both by date and by category. Category links are on the right side of this page, as are archive links. So you can search by date for a post or look through an entire category – the Rubashkin kosher meat scandal, for example, Matisyahu or the Rebbe’s position on Ethiopian Jews. Admittedly, some categories are too broad (it’s hard to change this now, 18 months in), and some are very large. Either way, the archived page may take a moment or two extra to load.

The Google search box (located on the right side of this page as well) is not very effective. It often pulls up entire index pages rather than individual posts, and gives false positives because of the static information on the margins of each page.

The bottom of each post shows what category (or categories) the post is archived in. So clicking on the categories on the bottom a post should bring you related stories.

A word of caution – how ever you choose to navigate, the post you are reading will often be at the top of the new archive or category page you clicked on because stories are archived in reverse chronological order, newest on top, oldest on the bottom. Always check additional posts on the page before assuming the new linked page did not load. Sometimes, when TypePad, your ISP, and your computer are all perfectly in sync, a new page will load so fast that you won’t notice – a small whiff of paradise in this decidedly mundane world.


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