PETA has produced a video titled "If This Is Kosher," hosted by award-winning author Jonathan Safran Foer. It targets the kosher industry’s endorsement of animal torture. This video will be seen by hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people, and the Jewish community will look very bad as a result. But do not blame PETA. Blame your local Orthodox rabbi, the kosher supervising agencies and the Rubashkin family. They are the ones who decided animal torture is "kosher."

Here is a short video showing workers separating male baby chicks from the females. The male are put into plastic bags, hundreds in each trash-style bag, and killed because they are of no use to the egg farmers. Your eggs come from this process, with the full permission of the OU and every other kosher supervising agency and every  major Orthodox rabbi in the US and Israel.

Order DVDs from Show it to your shul, to your
local dayschool, at your local JCC. It’s time to make the kosher
supervising agencies and the rabbis who stand behind them answer for
their actions.

Please see this detailed post on, as well.



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10 responses to “PETA STRIKES BACK

  1. John K. Diamond

    What a Kiddush Hashem!!!!!

    I woke up at 3AM last night and something told me to go over to the computer and log in to FM.

    After watching the long video and seeing that other issues were listed besides cruelty such as health, the environment, hunger, etc., all of which the JVNA has been stressing for years, I emailed the link to JVNA President Dr. Richard Schwartz.

    I’ll have many other positive things to say, but I will let Richard make the first major comment re this. It’s a blessing that “Failed Messiah”, PETA and the JVNA are finally on the same page.

    John K. Diamond
    Member, Advisory Committee
    Jewish Vegetarians of North America

  2. Neo-Conservaguy

    Alternate title: “When vegetarians attack!”

    Thanks for making the battle even harder for those of us who keep kosher and eat meat, yet want to encourage/force reforms. With text like this (on the web page):

    “Their babies are stolen from them shortly after birth”

    …this effort may as well have been financed by the OU/OK. Thanks for radicalizing – and therefore, potentially marginalizing – the fight. The more the PETA people froth at the mouth, the harder it will be to win reforms.

  3. Saul

    Did you watch the video, Neo-Con? It actually makes the point, specifically, that one need not cut ALL meat out of one’s diet. I highly suggest you check out the long version of the video, available here.

  4. Bottom line, I believe, is a question that the Jewish community continues to duck: since Judaism mandates that we preserve our health, treat animals with compassion, protect the environment, conserve natural resources, and help hungry people, and since animal-based diets and modern intensive “livestock” agriculture significantly violate each of these mandates, shouldn’t Jews sharply reduce or eliminate the consumption of meat and other animal products?

  5. Isa

    Something to do when veal is served at a function:
    In a mimic voice
    Moooo where my baby?
    Moooo have you seen my baby? Moooo
    I saw that truck go away and now I cannot find my baby Mooooo Mooooo
    My baby , my baby where is my baby Moooo Moooo

  6. sandman

    The first claim on the video site is “When they are slaughtered incorrectly, these sensitive animals survive for several minutes as they hang upside-down from metal shackles and can only writhe in pain as they slowly bleed to death.” I have personally been to several (several = 4) different chicken slaughterhouses in my life, spending many hours at each one and including repeat visits to some — all unannounced. I have never once seen anything of the sort. Slaughtering chickens is much, much easier than slaughtering animals; one would have to be grossly incompetent to replicate the Rubashkin disaster…

  7. “since Judaism mandates that we … protect the environment, conserve natural resources … and since animal-based diets and modern intensive “livestock” agriculture significantly violate … these mandates, shouldn’t Jews sharply reduce or eliminate the consumption of meat and other animal products?” Richard Schwartz

    HALAKHIC sources to support these points, please?

  8. PishPosh

    Dr Richard Schwartz. Is this per chance the Richard H. Schwartz PH.D who wrote “Judaism and Vegitarianism” Published Michah Press?

    Good read for the layman. Most interesting regarding Knesset efforts to halt the import of fatty meats and outlaw flesh eating altogether in order to stop the damage and cost of diseases. From todays news you never would have thought that such really important issues could ever have been addressed amongst the members.

  9. Some responses:

    Shmarya, you properly want sources. Well, you are fortunate in that you have my book, “Judaism and Vegetarianism,” which has many Torah, Talmudic, and other sources on all of the issues that I mentioned. For everyone else, please see my articles at, and you will find many sources.If anyone has specific questions re sources, please let me know. thanks.

    Thanks Pish Posh for your kind words about my book. I think that you are referring to the 1978 first edition. A third, much revised and expanded, edition was published in 2001,

    Kol tuv


  10. Richard –

    I want HALAKHIC sources that back you up. You know that. Do you have any? I don’t think so.

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