Kiruv Clowns In The NY Times

Kiruv clowns in the NY Times. Featured among many: Dovi Shiner and his stealth Chabad SoHo op.



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7 responses to “Kiruv Clowns In The NY Times

  1. Anonymous

    He is not recognized by Chabad and has no credentials!

  2. Shmuel

    Not being “recognized” by Chabad: who are you kidding? That’s a good thing. Having no “credentials”? So what if he’s not the next Rosh Yeshiva, that’s A-OK: he’s providing an excellent service to Jews of all stripes, many of whom probably never affiliated before, and might have dated outside the fold. If even 1 Jewish marriage develops out of all this he’ll have earned his wings in heaven, and I for one envy him. Where can I send a check to be in on this wonderful project?

  3. ah yid

    yoga is part of Hindu another religion.
    mixing in yoga with Judaism is worse than not practicing Judaism at all.

  4. C-Girl

    Yoga and Judaism should never be mixed because yoga requires flexibility…

  5. mazeartist

    I’m also worried that the SoHo Chabad’s offbeat approach to kiruv may be on the borderline of what’s acceptable. If you want yoga with your Judaism, go see Zalman Shechter or Arthur Waskow.

    Nevertheless, as long as the food is kosher and a mechitza is standing, I honor Rabbi “Dovi” for his efforts. Speaking of hipsters, if only we could stop DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) from marrying shiksa Nicole Richie.
    Bad Jew!

  6. Aviel

    Yoga and Judaism should never be mixed because yoga requires flexibility…

    Posted by: C-Girl


  7. ibn tznunya

    Unquestionably, people in Kiruv do infinitely more good than unintentional bad. Shame on you for using the deragatory term “kiruv clowns”. Sometimes you can be a real hateful jerk!

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