Edah Wants Darfur At Your Seder

Edah Darfur

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Edah wants us to remember the ongoing genocide in Darfur at our seders. I’ve never been one who is moved by this type of symbolism-for-symbolism’s-sake action. But I do think we all should spend a few moments discussing the Darfur genocide and what our role should be as Jews and human beings to stop it. This discussion should include practical options for action, as well.



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2 responses to “Edah Wants Darfur At Your Seder

  1. Fossil Apostle

    There is also a page with links and other practical things people can do at


  2. Aviel

    See the article in Haaretz about Gur and Satmar Chassidim fighting. Seriously, these people are violent.

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