Steven I. Weiss On The Boro Park Riot

Steven I. Weiss writes:

It takes an immense amount of gall to see your community set fires in the streets, torch one police car and damage another, and assault two police officers, and then complain that in the midst of it all, a police chief said “Get these fuckin’ Jews out of here!”

Even if the comment were offensive in and of itself — which it’s not — the complaint about Chief Joseph Esposito’s comment shows an immense willingness on Councilman Simcha Felder’s part to abandon all notions of proportional response.

And I can’t tell you how many people have been sending me links to the NYPD rant board discussion, to complain about the barely-present anti-semitism there from perhaps two or three NYPD officers. Again, you’d have to lack all sense of proportional response to complain about this.

And then there’s the suggestion that those who committed the truly bad acts were just some teenagers acting alone (in one person’s words: “was it yechidim or a group?”) — which is a line that for some reason the papers seem to be willing to buy into — which again shows a total inability to deal with the reality of what happened.

Here’s how people living in the real world would respond:

– A police chief tried to clear a riot by demanding removal of the people rioting. That’s about as sensible a command as possible.

– A few police officers might be anti-Semitic. So what? They’re not the ones who acted wrongly.

– A riot happened, and surely only some of them committed the violence — but that’s the way every riot goes, and one would hardly expect the same response to those attacking Jews. When was the last time any violence against Jews or Israelis was written off as the act of yechidim?



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5 responses to “Steven I. Weiss On The Boro Park Riot

  1. Anonymous

    What about Gideon Busch? Have the defenders of the police forgotten about him? Or is his life not worth anything because he was mentally ill?

    Or how about that Marvin Schick’s brother was manhandled by the police and told he was being treated like a n—-ger.

    Is f–ck the Jews an acceptable slur because it is against Jews? this language came from the highest ranking uniformed officer in the Police Department and the commander of the Boro Park precinct. If that is how hereacts at times of minor stress then he should berelieved of his command.

    It is axiomatic that a person’s true feelings come out at times of stress and that is this person’s true feelings.

    It is also disturbing that your website manages to put the worst light on everything that is orthodox or chasidic.

    Orthodox Jews account for a miniscule amount of the total crime in this city. If everybody in the city was charedi we could get by with a police force one fifth the size of what we have.

  2. Anonymous

    Have we forgotten the Crown Heights riots when the mayor of this city let a mob riot for three days and one Jew was killed and many injured?

    Where were the police then?

    Once again, as stated in the Daily News editorial, this was “not a riot.” If disinterested persons are unwilling to call it a riot, why are you so anxious to label it as one? Where is your sense of porportion?

    Ifr this was a riot, it was most certainly carried out by persons who flunked Rioting 101.

  3. Ploni

    Shmarya, is like the pig stretching out his cloven hooves saying “See Im Kosher, I write about Jewish concerns” but then like the pig who doesnt ruminate, its obvious he has not ruminated over what he writes and in the end is still a traif Chazir.

  4. Daniel

    This behavior was unhalachic and inappropriate. Mr. Schick himself condemned the behavior. However, the problem was that the rioting was n ot stoppd by the police, and not enough people were arrested. It would have been better and wiser if the police chief had sent officers into the crowd, and arrested those breaking the law, charging them with rioting and fining or imprisoning them. Anti-semitic slurs were hurtful, inappropriate, idiotic, and inflammatory. The police chief should have exercised his authority properly, and stopped this savage behavior, rather than saying Get the F’ing Jews out of here.

  5. 1. What you advocate often makes situations like those riots worse.

    2. Community leaders did not want the police to arrest anyone.

    3. Saying “Get the F’ing Jews out of here” is far from antisemitic, and the contined whining from haredim regarding this is disgusting.

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