Did Rubashkin Bribe Upstate Satmar? Yudel Shain Says Yes

Rabbi Yudel Shain, a well-known Lakewood kanoi and kashrut expert, is alleging that Rubashkin has bribed Rabbi Ahron Titelebaum, one of the two possible successors to the ailing Satmar Rebbe, in order to have his meat sold in Kiryat Yoel. How much money does Rabbi Shain allege will change hands? $250,000 per year, given to organizations Rabbi Tietlebaum controls. Shain strongly implies a similar deal was made previously with the Nitra Rav, Rabbi Wiessmandal.

Rabbi Shain also notes (in the comments to that post) that Rabbi Otto Chaim Kohn, the rabbi who supervised Rubashkin during the PETA scandal and who adamantly defended throat-ripping as kosher, no longer works for the KAJ or at Rubashkin. The reason for Rabbi Kohn’s departure does not seem to be related to the scandal.

On a personal note, Rabbi Kohn was abusive and lied when I interviewed him in November and December of 2004. Kohn’s lies were transparent, and I called him on them. His answer? It’s mutar to lie to the press. It’s good to see him gone.



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3 responses to “Did Rubashkin Bribe Upstate Satmar? Yudel Shain Says Yes

  1. Schneur

    What evidence does Rabbi Shain offer ?
    I beleive r. Weismandel was not bribed he has assumed the role of senior rav hamachshir of the plant. In other words he is salaried.
    Next I live in WH although I am not a member of KAJ , I have not heard that Rabbi Kohen is no longer part of the rabbinate (Senior rabbi Zach. Gelley and Dayan Rabbi Posen)of Breuer’s. Again I may just not know that he left , but I think he is still a functionary of KAJ.
    Although I am not efending the good rabbi,but who does tell the truth ?

  2. bettoun yshmael (named on believe of rabbi yshmael ben elisha כהן גדול זלה"ה)

    why to spread lashon ara (לשון הרע ) see hafetz haiim as it is our time tikun

  3. bettoun yshmael

    this is a most antijewish site

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