What Do The NYC Cops On The Street Think About The Boro Park Riot?

What do the cops on the street think about the Boro Park riot? They think we’re all a bunch of hondlers who bundle votes, buy politicians and get away with criminal misbehavior as a result – which isn’t all that far from the truth.

[Hat tip: Pinchas ben Yair.]



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7 responses to “What Do The NYC Cops On The Street Think About The Boro Park Riot?

  1. Shmo

    All good people condemn the Boro Park rioters as a disgrace to our community. But if you are not far more disturbed by the disgusting anti Semetic comments posted by purported NYPD officers, then you don’t have your head screwed on straight.

  2. just yet another anonymous commenter

    Thanks, Shmarya, for directing us to a really fun read- makes you realize that stupidity knows no ethnic or religious bounds. The absolute best part is the dissection and discussion of the Noahide laws, Chrisianity and and Judaism. You have to go through a few pages of trolling and hate-baiting, but it’s worth it.

    I see no reason to get worked up over the cops’ site. My kids and their friends anonymously post similarly offensive scum (about other topics) on myspace and IM. It’s painful to see, but it presents opportunities for education. Unfortunately, this is human nature in the age of the anonymous internet.

    Fortunately, in real life, very few people have the conviction (or the stupidity) to say these things out loud. But hiding behind a pseudonym, anyone can say anything they want. Right, Shmo?

  3. Mikhoel

    Shmarya wrote–

    >They think we’re all a bunch of hondlers >who bundle votes, buy politicians and get >away with criminal misbehavior as a >result – which isn’t all that far from the >truth.

    I’ve believed for a long time that stereotypes about any given group exist because there is a grain (or sometimes a fistful of grains) of truth in them. But in the end, they remain stereotypes. The problem is the word “all.”– I would agree with Shmarya that we should acknowledge that these behaviours and attitudes exist within the haredi community, and they should be condemned, pointed out and corrected. The rabbonim and political leaders in Boro Park, such as Hikind and Felder in the community shoulld have protested loudly at the miscreants who misbehaved, instead of whining about police chief Esposito’s alleged anti-Semitic remark. However, while I acknowledge that the stereotypes don’t exist in a vacuum, I take issue with Shmarya’s tendency to indulge and propagate more stereotypes by saying stuff like they’re “[it’s not far from the truth]..that they’re all a bunch of hondlers.” Granted, there definitely ARE a lot of hondlers in the haredi community who buy influence and think that the law of the land doesn’t apply to them. I’m not burying my head in the sand. Whether this is the attitude of the majority, or “just” a significant, prevailing attitude and behavior in places like Boro Park–I don’t know, it’s definitely a problem. I also know there are a lot of racist, bigoted cops who also have their own tribal mentality–it’s a problem the NYPD has to deal with, but I think the majority of NYPD cops are decent, professional people who often endanger their own safety for low pay on behalf of the public. Another example– I also won’t say things like “all the Muslims in the world want to kill all the Jews and kaffirs”– at the same time, I know that a significant percentage of them do feel that way–but I have know too many decent, honest, G-d fearing Muslims who would give me the shirt off their back to say they are all bad. I have also known too many honest, decent charedi people, who would help anybody, Jews and non-Jews. So, yeah, Shmarya, good on you, kol ha kavod for pointing out the corruption and hypocrisy that you can find in the Ultra-Orthodox world. I only take issue with you condemning the entire community, like, for example, re: the Slifkin book ban you call for “banning all haredim” in retaliation. You use such extreme language–that you often seem as much of a kanoi as the people you condemn. I say this with admiration for a lot of things you have done. I doubt you would justify statements like “all blacks are criminals” when you see a perp walk featuring African-American suspects–you shouldn’t leap to a similar conclusion with Jews.

    Now, my stereotype–armchair attempt at sociology and overgeneralization–The influence-buying, hondling mentality from the haredim is a relic of the shtadlanut thinking from the middle ages. They still can’t get out of the ghetto-they think they have to buy favors from the local poritz, and they believe they have an autonomous existence where the secular laws don’t apply to them. When they have a chance to “get one over” on the secular authorities, they will jump at the chance, because they have this inbred conviction that if they don’t srew over the government, the government will screw them over. This is the ghetto mentality. If that’s the case though, I don’t understand how they believe they can riot when things don’t work out their way–a cowering Jew in the Judengasse in 14th century Germany wouldn’t have dared.

  4. Mikhoel

    >When they have a chance to “get one over” >on the secular authorities, they will jump >at the chance, because they have this >inbred conviction that if they don’t srew >over the government, the government will >screw them over.

    Obviously, “secular authorities” means the goyyim bikhlal–in the State of Israel, the Jewish secular government has the same role that the non-Jewish governments throughout the ages have as far as they are concerned.

  5. Herman Douchebag

    orthodox Jews, Pat Robertson’s Followers- “orthodox” catholics and fundamentalist moslems-are are basically the same-they believe in a diety myth intereted by their cult/tribe leaders and everyone else is wrong. The world would be a better place if all of them moved to the same continent and fought each other instead of us normal people who believe in science and evolution.

    The time has come for all non-mitzvoh shomar Jews to demand that Jewish Federations around the world stop subsidizing our parasitic hardeim who hate us anyway

  6. hashfanatic

    Frankly, I wouldn’t blame the cops for being totally disgusted.

  7. shafan hasofer


    and meanwhile, in jerusalem too! check it out!

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