Rabbi Saul Berman: Bans Make A Mockery Out Of Judaism

Rabbi Saul Berman of Edah on today’s gedolim and bans:

The current anti-scientific climate makes a mockery of Judaism’s constant search for truth. The very idea that rabbis might excommunicate people for teaching that the world is more than 5766 years old, or for supporting the truth of evolution, must be repudiated loudly and clearly.

The accumulation of incontrovertible evidence of the great antiquity of the earth has led to the broad rabbinic acceptance of the accuracy of an early interpretation of the word “day” in the Genesis story as meaning “an indeterminate period of time,” rather than “a day of twenty-four hours.”

There will always be some resistance to this approach from people who deny that reason is a valid source of truth. Also, from those whose misplaced loyalty to a particular understanding of a revealed text leads them to the rejection of otherwise established scientific truths.

But for most of us, the depth of our religious commitment and our openness to the process of scientific inquiry, go hand in hand as full partners in our lifelong quest for truth.



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2 responses to “Rabbi Saul Berman: Bans Make A Mockery Out Of Judaism

  1. Anonymous

    Rabbi Saul Berman’s Edah gets subsidized rent from pornographer and trafficker of women Charles Kushner

    posted by jewishwhistleblower @ 1:05 PM 26 comments

    At 9:42 AM, jewishwhistleblower said…
    Rabbi Saul Berman protector of child molester Rabbi Mordechai Gafni.

    “High ethical standards”? Me thinks not.

    >Edah, founded in 1996, is a case
    >in point. Despite numerous
    >innovative programs and
    >publications, it has not grown
    >as its leaders had hoped. This
    >year’s conference was reduced
    >from two days of programs to
    >one, primarily for financial
    >Some say the organization’s
    >association with Charles
    >Kushner, the New Jersey real
    >estate developer who pleaded
    >guilty to charges of tax
    >violation based on witness
    >tampering a few months ago, has
    >hurt its image, which emphasizes
    >high ethical standards. Kushner
    >houses Edah’s office in one of
    >his Newark office buildings at
    >virtually no cost.

  2. Yochanan Lavie

    That is an ad hominem argument. Charles Kushner may be a bad guy, but that doesn’t mean Edah has a bad message. I’d like to see where Chabad get some of its money, for example…

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