HAREDIM RIOT IN JERUSALEM–Demand Release Of Admitted Haredi Child Abuser-Murderer

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Haredim rioted in Jerusalem Thursday night in an attempt to gain the release of a 19-year-old man who has admitted beating his infant son to death. Haredim, led by Eidah Charedis and Rabbis Weiss and Moshe Shternbuch and Ulman are demanding the man be released immediately:

Leading ultra-Orthodox judges who visited a 19-year-old Orthodox man charged with manslaughter over the death of his 3-month-old son say they are convinced Israel Valas is not guilty of murder.…

“I spoke with the police chief in Jerusalem. I told him that for now we’re against the protests. If he was a murderer, than obviously he should not be released for the safety of the public, but that’s not the case,” Rabbi Shternbuch said.


When asked about biting signs on the infant’s body, the rabbi said: “The bite wasn’t something that endangered the child.”

Right. I suppose the bite marks (apparently matching the father) are not indications of violence, either. Oh and note that Rabbi Shternbuch is against protests “for now.” What’s “now”? One day, it seems:

On Sunday, a large, official ultra-Orthodox protest is planned to express support for the father. In the past week, leading figures in the Orthodox community have been trying to enlist the support of the entire Orthodox community, and have been meeting with influential rabbis to that end.


Accused Child Murderer

How delusional is the haredi community? Read the comments of the infant’s maternal grandmother:

The infant’s grandmother on the mother’s side, Liba Weinstock, told Ynet: “It’s very difficult for the mother to handle this

alone without her husband. They didn’t let him out for the Seder…we’re certain he’s innocent.”

The family also says the infant did not receive any treatment for eight hours after being brought to the hospital.

“He arrived at the hospital at 11 p.m. and nobody checked him until 9 a.m. They put all their efforts into investigating what happened and not into taking care of the child,” the grandmother said.

However, her testimony comes in direct contradiction to the words of Hadassah Ein Kerem’s Intensive Care director Ido Yatsiv.

The director said the infant received immediate treatment after arriving at the hospital unconscious and suffering from hemorrhages in the left side of his face.

“It was clear there was a serious blow, but the direction wasn’t clear,” Yatsiv said. “At that time the pupils responded to light and there was a bit of spontaneous movement of the hands, but he didn’t open his eyes of his own accord and was still unconscious.”

Rabbis Weiss, Shterbuch, Ulman–Feh!



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5 responses to “HAREDIM RIOT IN JERUSALEM–Demand Release Of Admitted Haredi Child Abuser-Murderer

  1. mazeartist

    the photo looks like just another chametz burning. Chag Sameach, Shmarya!

  2. Anonymous

    i thing the baby died from choking on the fathers long payos

  3. Anonymous

    Its interesting to note how (rav) shternbuch could say for certain that he is not guilty of murder
    I guess he became a psyciatrist overnite.
    I guess he would say that men never beat thier wives or vise versa because how could one spouse even consider beating the other .
    How about a child molester Rabbi Shternbuch ?Are they also non exsistant?
    Rav shternbuch , are these stone throwers at kikar shabbos also not guilty because chareidim dont throw rocks?
    Just think a little before you make the entire orthodoxy one big laughing stock

  4. hashfanatic

    He’ll beat the rap anyhow. They always do.

  5. jack

    you know, all of u out there….what r u trying to do, save the world?who r u to talk about rav shternbuch like that?what do YOU know about the case, to say thet he is wrong?and anyways, ur so religious? you know what the chafetz chaim says about people like u? oh man……ur gonna be in for a niiiiiiiiiice surprise baby. u just wait….ull be there roasting w hitler and the rest of them. this whole site is one big piece of loshon hora. disgusting. self hating jews…. ur a buch of dogs. thats all

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