The New York Observer On The Boro Park Riots

The New York Observer on the Boro Park riots:

During the Giuliani administration, the Orthodox community benefited from a large share of the limited supply of day-care vouchers. After a 1997 protest in which thousands of Borough Park Orthodox rioted when a sheriff tried to impound a Hasidic man’s car, there was a drop in the number of cars towed in the neighborhood for several months, one source said.

When a Mexican worker was killed in a building collapse in 1999, an investigation by Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes examined whether Hasidic building contractors got special treatment from City Hall.…

Others, like Mandel Zitronbaum, a heavy-set 25-year-old, took pride in the protests. He said he saw the police confront Mr. Schick. “They were hitting him with sticks,” Mr. Zitronbaum said while sitting at the counter in the Dairy Luncheonette on 48th Street, eating a cheese Danish and then ordering a cheese sandwich. [This is completely inconsistent with Arthur Schick’s “injuries” and could not have happened. One has to wonder whether Schick’s brother Marvin will correct these lies in his next column. I doubt it.] “He started screaming that ‘this is what the Nazis did to me 60 years ago.’”

A woman behind the counter rolled her eyes.

Up the block on 49th Street, at the Famous Schwartz deli, a man with a long, graying beard and yarmulke wrote Passover Seder orders down right to left on a scrap of receipt. Like many of the people walking around Borough Park, he said the protest was really a response to police papering the neighborhood with tickets for parking violations.

“The thing is that here, they are giving tickets right and left. Even if you are sitting in the car, you get one. This is not right. This is why people are so upset. I think in the other neighborhoods, they don’t do this,” he said. “They take advantage here because the people are quiet and nice.”

“I just want to say clearly that the behavior of the young people in our community was a horror, it was inexcusable—I don’t tolerate excuses for anyone,” said Mr. Hikind. But he also said some of the blame rested with the overreaction of the police, especially members of a task force brought in to assist the members of the 66th Precinct. On Monday, videos showing police using aggressive tactics against some of the protesters made their way around the city. “I hope that their tactics to fight terrorism are more effective than what happened in Borough Park,” Mr. Hikind added.

Late Thursday afternoon, things seemed to have settled back to normal at the Bobov Yeshiva on 48th Street. Old men with phylacteries wrapped around their creased foreheads and books fanned opened under their noses sidestepped boys playing tag. Teenagers, many of whom stood on the street corners Tuesday night, taunting police and lighting fires, studied in libraries stacked to the ceiling with leather-bound religious texts.

“Everybody is saying different things. The story is messed up; you can’t get a straight story,” said Israel Solomon, an 18-year-old who had just stepped out of the yeshiva, where he had been studying when the protest broke out. “Everyone was itching for a fight.”

Undemocratic, thuggish behavior. Why? Perhaps because the rabbis who lead them are a bunch of thugs themselves. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.



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3 responses to “The New York Observer On The Boro Park Riots

  1. hashfanatic

    As I’ve mentioned several times before, and will continue to point out, these people have degenerated into the worst kind of filthy, lawless animals, and it has gotten considerably worse since last summer.

  2. Anonymous

    Once again, your blog has no sense of balance or fairness. Marvin Schick has nothing to do with the “riot,” and hence has no legal nor moral duty to correct any alleged misinformation.

    Mr. Schich’s brother has given hi saccount of the action, which was widely published, and he never alleged he was beaten by sticks. He did allege he was pushed by police and told he was being treated like a “n—-ger, which was changed by the New York Times, but not to the NYPost, to him being told he was being treated like a “black” person. the police have never denied his account of events, which therefore should be taken as accurate.

    Furthermore, there is no evidence that the rabbinic laeders in Boro Park ever condoned the alleged “riot,” explicitly or tacitly.

    As to a complaint about day care slots, the Orthodox Community gets virtually zero percent of all school money (for secular education), thanks to laws passed by the secular majority, who then use the laws as an excuse for denying fundamental fairness.
    The day care slots do not even begin to compensate for this unfairness.

    One day you may even reply to a comment like this, but I will not hold my breath.

  3. Marvin Schichk is a self-appointed “spokesman” for Orthodoxy. His family was at the center of a riot. He needs to respond.

    As for the rest of what you write, try to differentiate between articles I quote and what I myself write. And I have been very clear – haredim behaved loike animals because their rabbinic leaders have behaved like animals, from the Rabbi Slifkin Ban and the Rabbi Kamentsky Ban to metzitza b’peh and the Rubashkin Scandal.

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