Did you mention the Darfur genocide at your seder? If you did, please tell us about it.



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4 responses to “Darfur

  1. Yochanan Lavie

    Yes, I did. Someone at the sedar said that the Darfur Muslims will turn against us, just like the African Americans did. I agreed in theory, but I responded that you do the right thing because it is right, and not for payback. Later, at a Dvar Torah, a Modern Orthodox rabbi said “Al Ta-amod al-dom re’acha” (Do not stand on yor brother’s blood) should apply to non-Jews, according to the Rambam, and according to pshat. He further said “Do you really want the Gentiles to say: ‘Those Jews! When it’s their genocide, they think it is important. But anybody else’s genocide they don’t care about?’ That’s chilull Hashem.”

  2. hashfanatic

    I consider it unusual (but not altogether surprising) that a member of any particular group of people that is shown preferential treatment in America would discuss Darfur with their loved ones at Pesach, and approach it from the angle that “how would saving their lives affect us”?

  3. The counter illuy

    i have to admit in embarassement, that i did not have the courage to open my mouth on the subject.
    people we were with at the seder sum up their concerns with the wellbeing of Beit El and Qiryat Arba. other concerns are not valid so to speak.
    i wonder how would chabad approach the subject?
    i suspect in front of secular jews, they will adopt the idea wholehartedly. to the point of finding sources for it with the rebbe.
    in front of one that just did tshuva and started observing, they will wiggle out elegantly explaining that such kindness is priority “z” and that that who shows pity to the cruel, will end up being cruel to his brothers.
    among anash, there would be total scorn towards the idea.

  4. B”H
    “i wonder how would chabad approach the subject?”
    The Rebbe points out that it’s a duty of a Jew who has influence in the matter to make sure that non-Jews observe 7 Noahide Laws the Rebbe says this applies even in a country where no Jews live and more so if there are Jews there or if that Jew derives parnosa from doing business in that country.
    From this perspective it’s obvious that part of our destiny to be light onto the nations is to ensure (if possible) that nations of the world don’t murder, rape , steal etc. as this is part of our obligation to compell them to observe 7 Noahide laws.
    Does it mean that every Jew must drop everything and fly to Darfur? Probably not . Does it mean that if one can achieve some differnce by donating money or speaking to policy makers one can influence one should do so? Probably yes…

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