Ancient Ostrich Eggs Found In Israel


Whole ostrich eggs thought to be 5000 or more years old have been found in the Sharon region, just north of Tel Aviv. It may mean the region then looked like an African savanna.



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5 responses to “Ancient Ostrich Eggs Found In Israel

  1. Yochanan Lavie

    You could make one heck of a matzoh brei with that.

  2. Masorti

    How dare you menttion gebrochts!?! Iz nisht kosher.

  3. Dovid Lerner

    YL, we just read Parshas Shmini, we discussed non-Kosher birds!

    That said you could make a lot of matzah brei from that.

  4. Anonymous

    sh’s cute

  5. uzziyahu

    sh’s cute

    in fact very very cute !
    problem with her, her collar bone is exposed!

    otoh, lucky the egg is not older than 5766 years.

    it would be even more remarkable, if it were dated exactly 5766 years old, because then we would know for certain that it is from the original signature collection

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