Jerusalem Haredim: “Zionists Are Dogs!”


New signs up in Mea Shearim: “Zionists are Dogs!” Why are zionists dogs? Because they want to try a haredi man who murdered his baby:

Tempers in Mea Shearim are heating up as the date of the remand hearing approaches in the case of the young Haredi man charged with beating his three-month-old son to death. The Jerusalem district court will decide Monday whether to release the suspect until the end of the proceedings or keep him in custody. On Friday his supporters will hold a prayer service and a protest in Jerusalem’s Russian Compound to press authorities to release the accused.

Also Thursday, dozens of Orthodox residents of Jerusalem assaulted an Egged bus driver at the Shabbat Plaza and blocked street traffic with garbage carts. Police forces that were called to the scene dispersed the crowd and brought the bus driver to safety.

On the eve of Passover and during the holiday Orthodox Jews set garbage bins alight and blocked Jerusalem streets numerous times in displays of protest. Thursday night hundreds gathered at the Zichron Moshe synagogue in Jerusalem’s Geulah neighborhood for a prayer service and protest.

Throughout Geulah and Mea Shearim posters were hung calling residents to participate in the assembly: “In light of the cruel campaign of persecution and oppression: A gentle-souled Yeshiva student was thrown in prison and put behind bars, he was framed in a disgraceful plot by the government whose aim is known: to oppress the torah observant public and to disrupt their lives, to soil and slander the name of the entire Haredi culture , ” the posters read.

Perhaps these haredi parasites should make a forced “aliya” – to Poland, Belarus, Hungary and Romania.



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18 responses to “Jerusalem Haredim: “Zionists Are Dogs!”

  1. Take A Break

    Your ignorance of life in Israel is astounding. It is revolting to throw all Charedim in with the small sect this issue revolves around. You sound like a Consevative Rabbi ranting and raving about Israel. I had the impression you were a shomer Shabbas. If this is so you are guilty of henious slander against the majority of Observant Jews in Israel.

    You obsess about hungry Africans, you should worry about feeding hungry Jews. You need to be brainwashed. Go to a real Rav, a black hat Torah Scholor and allow him to gently open your mind and wash away your secular shtus.

    Take a break from the blog and and get your priorities straight.

  2. I lived in jerusalem for almost three years, most of that time in the Old City. YOUR ignorance is appalling. Mea Shearim and Geula – and their satellites in Ramot, Beitar, etc., support these goons. You may not like that, but it’s true. I would also note the rest of the haredi world has been silent on this. In reality, silence may equal disagreement, or it may not. But halakhicly, it equals agreement. Rabbi Elyashiv doesn’t protest the riots? He agrees with them. But why let halakha get in the way of your pathetic little argument.

  3. nachos

    I always thought those hungry Africans that Shmarya was obsessing about were Jews. I also always thought that many conservative jews were shomer shabbas.

  4. Take A Break

    Shmarya, watch your polemics. You wrote regrding the silence of the vast majority of Charedim “In reality, silence may equal disagreement, or it may not.” So right you are. Therfore according to halacha you must don l’chaf zchus. Lumping all the Charedim together is rabble rousing, yellow journalism. Bloging is like drugs. It screws you up if you do too much of it.

    FYI living in Jerusalem as a a bochur at Aish or Chabad or as a spiritual cowboy in the Rova aint living in Jerusalem.

  5. Silence = agreement. That’s the halakha.

    I also lived in neve Ya’akov for 7 months. Is that real enough for you?

  6. Take a Break

    Your argument is specious. It would be the height of irresponsibity to weigh in, as your have, regarding an issue you have read about in the Jerusalem Post. How can you have an opinion, halachically, at this point? Regarding the press and police, as you say, maybe they’re telling the truth or maybe they’re not. And after living in Israel for 13 years and having dealt with the press and police and rabbonim it can cut both ways.

    So how does silence in this misa equal approval?

  7. Dozens of stories published in the JPost, Ynet, Ha’aretz, and other publications. All say the same thing. The facts are not contested.

    Specious? You are specious.

    Slink away …

  8. Take a Break

    The press has authority? You are somech on the likes of HaAretz to slander the Charedi community? You have no idea how corrupt the press is in Israel. They are fiefdoms of avarice and defamity.

    You need deprogramming from the press. You have become one of them. Bloging has ‘snapped’ you

  9. No. Haredim have “snapped” you.

  10. Take a Break

    Shmarya, address the issues. You sound like a belagaured SIW, G-d forbid!

    BTW I retained my full free will as I became Charedi. I remain brutally honest about the community I embraced. You are rudderless and thus rely blindly on the most secular of sources in defaming a religious community. Reply with reason not ad homen arguments.

  11. I answered with facts. You’re a fool. Dozens of reporters from several different publications all saw and reported the same thing. Further, HaRav HaGaon Moshe Shternbuch ADMITS the facts.

    Now haul your haredi ass out tof here.

  12. Yochanan Lavie

    If certain elements of the chareidi community don’t living with the Zionist dogs, why don’t they move to Ramallah? In the secular, democratic State of Palestine you can be Sunni or Shia. How much more freedom of religion does one need than that?

  13. Take a Long Break

    Read what Rav Moshe said. In other words could be true may be not true. There is what to be suspect of. I would not choose this man as a baby sitter but I would not haul out a whole community and slander it based on the secular press. Again you a neophyte regarding the secular Israeli press. I am not.

    Go to them, (the Haaretz. The Post, The Last Thought, Ynet) they call you, you can’t refuse, you’ve got nothing, got nothing to lose, you’re invisible now you’ve got no secrets to reveal

    How does it feel to be a rolling stone.

    Good Shabbos and Good Riddins.

  14. “I spoke with the police chief in Jerusalem. I told him that for now we’re against the protests. If he was a murderer, than obviously he should not be released for the safety of the public, but that’s not the case,” Rabbi Shternbuch said.

    When asked about biting signs on the infant’s body, the rabbi said: “The bite wasn’t something that endangered the child.

    Slink away, fool.

  15. Neo-Conservaguy

    “In light of the cruel campaign of persecution and oppression: A gentle-souled Yeshiva student was thrown in prison and put behind bars, he was framed in a disgraceful plot by the government whose aim is known: to oppress the torah observant public and to disrupt their lives, to soil and slander the name of the entire Haredi culture…”

    As if that “culture” needed help from anyone on that accord?

    This guy lives in Israel and he will be brought to justice – or be found innocent – in Israel under its laws. No amount of rioting will change that basic truth. The rest, as someone once said, is all commentary.

  16. mikhaelmeir

    “They are fiefdoms of avarice and defamity. ”

    “Defamity” is not a word, but I like it. It should be a word! It sounds better than “defamation.”

  17. hashfanatic

    They want it both ways, you see.

    They don’t want “Charedim lumped together”, but haven’t they already done that themselves? After all, when none of them have the courage to speak out against abuses in their own ranks, haven’t they surrendered a certain amount of their “free will”?

    I LOVE it when they reveal themselves.

  18. mazeartist

    You tell them Shmarya. If these rioters don’t like Zionism, they can take the next plane to Brooklyn.

    The difference between anti-Zionist haredim and the right-wing settlers is that at least the settler extremists recognize Zionism and Israel, in spite of their differences with Olmert.

    The folks in Mea Shearim refuse to vote, or use shekels. Do they even pay taxes?

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