Rabbi Ariel: The Passover Sacrifice Must Be Done

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the chief rabbi of Ramat Gan and a contender for Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Israel, believes we must offer the Passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount, and we must do so immediately. (Pesach Sheini?)

Rabbi Ariel said, “After the destruction of the First Temple, when the Jews began returning from Babylonia to the Holy Land, they brought the Paschal sacrifice during the course of 22 years even though there was no Holy Temple. They also were considered ritually impure – because there was no Red Heifer by which to become pure – yet they still brought it… There is currently no genuine impediment to bringing the Paschal sacrifice.”

There have been other attempts to renew this sacrifice over the years, or at least to solve the Halakhic problems involved. Speaking about the rabbis who came to the Holy Land 700 years ago and sought to pave the way to offer the Pesach lamb, Rabbi Ariel said,

“It is simply disgraceful when we compare our actions with theirs. They were here after the Crusaders, when there were perhaps 1,000 Jews in the whole land, which was totally desolate, and tried to renew this commandment. And yet we have 5-6 million Jews, and we have an army with tanks and planes, and what are we doing? … Over 2,000 years ago, the Jews were afraid to live in Jerusalem, yet they made it obligatory for one out of every ten men to work towards building the Holy Temple, and they started the sacrifice services amidst the ruins of the First Temple. And where are we? Should we not be ashamed?”

[Hat tip: Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky.]



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4 responses to “Rabbi Ariel: The Passover Sacrifice Must Be Done

  1. rebeljew

    And how long will it be until we hear:
    “The Rebbe was the Paschal offering (being born at Passover time) that saved us from our sins”

    I encourage everyone to view Ariel Sokolovsky’s sites. Make sure you are sitting down.

  2. The counter illuy

    is rabbi yisrael ariel and rabbi yaakov ariel one and the same?
    is the rabbi of ramat gan and that member of “sanhedrin” one and the same?

  3. Ooops! Typo. I fixed it. Thanks …

  4. mazeartist

    With all the fragmentation in our community, maybe our people need a Sanhedrin, but it can’t be packed with Kahanists and Temple revivalists, it should accurately reflect the observant community.

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