Tensions Rise In Crown Heights

Tensions rise in Crown Heights as Jewish-owned housing expands into black areas. But is this all about real estate or is something more fundamental, like racism, at play?

[Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok “Yosi”] Jacobson, whose car has been broken into twice, thinks that the crime committed against Jews is serious.

“I don’t think it’s random because it happens in one direction,” he said. “It is African-American brothers who attack the Jews living here. I call them brothers because I believe that we are all children of one God.”

With spokespeople like Jacobson, the Jews of Crown Heights can only expect trouble – God forbid.


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One response to “Tensions Rise In Crown Heights

  1. hashfanatic

    It’s way more complicated then that. It should be remembered that Crown Heights and its environs always had a substantial Jewish presence, right up till the seventies. There was a WASP area where not only blacks or Jews, but even Irish and Italians were not permitted to buy! Much of the recent Lubavitch incursion is very high-priced housing compared to what was always there before (the Lefferts condos are close to Wingate, what the Italian residents referred to as “Pigtown”! You have the fact that many of these areas that were never well served as the predominantly Jewish areas are suddenly seeing enhanced police patrols and services now that Jews are moving in. You have the fact that the vast majority of slumlords in the East Flatbush and central Flatbush areas are frum Jews, and blacks have traditionally had extremely negative dealings with them in their properties. You have an alarming number of arson fires suddenly in Orthodox-owned buildings inhabited by blacks. Put these all together, and these are the issues that everyone is too intimidated to discuss openly, and you have the makings of a VERY hot summer.

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