Yes, But Did They Wear Borsolinos?

Professor Daniel Sperber of Bar Illan University has a new book out (in Hebrew) on the everyday objects, from beds to clothes, used by Jews in Israel at the time of the Mishna and Talmud. Some of his work has been translated into English, including a book on the sources of minhagim (Jewish customs):

“Why Jews Do What They Do: The History of Jewish Customs Throughout the Cycle of the Jewish Year” (Daniel Sperber)



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3 responses to “Yes, But Did They Wear Borsolinos?

  1. Or you can click the link in the post under the picture of the book.

  2. The counter illuy

    The Borsalino, is ‘al pi minhag moreinu harav Reb Al Capone zt’l!
    R’ Capone caught this particular chassidus by storm with his wise and profound insights on money management! 🙂

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