BARUCH DAYAN HAEMET: The Satmar Rebbe Passes Away At 91


The Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Moshe Teitlebaum, has passed away from complications of spinal cancer. He was 91.



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6 responses to “BARUCH DAYAN HAEMET: The Satmar Rebbe Passes Away At 91

  1. Modern Jew

    Are the Satmar’s really Jewish-considering their anti-Zionist positions and their adoption of the hasidic lifestyle which is a mere 300 years old?

  2. mazeartist

    Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum may be a tzaddik, but he was not a hero. He stood by silently while his two oldest sons battled each other for succession.

    I’m also troubled by Satmar’s continued opposition to Zionism. Had the Satmar Rav regognized Israel, maybe there would have been enough votes to prevent the Gaza withdrawal from taking place.

    And what contributions to the Jewish people as a whole does an isolationist sect provide? Someone place list them. At least Chabad recognizes Israel and reaches out to all Jews.

  3. He was very ill during that time, and most likely had dementia. he could not del with his sons. The anti-zionism deeply troubles me as well.

  4. Yitzchak

    I am very disturbed by the their anti-israel stances – although they are not as evil as neturei karta – they have in the passed tried to hurt Israel – It is sad – but true – because of their high birth rate (about 8-10 kids per family) they will eventually overwhelm other jews in numbers (they grow via procreation – hardly anyone converts to satmarism) they can only be stopped if their women decide that two to three children are enough – too bad they did not heed the voice of Rav Teichtel in Eim Habanim Semeicha and instead followed the rabidly Israel hating rabbis teitelbaum

  5. uzziyahu

    At least Chabad recognizes Israel and reaches out to all Jews.

    chabad does not recognise israel in the sense zionists do. they recognise the opportunity in raising funds by not overtly opposing a secular state of israel.
    given a choice, their priority for sovereign, would be mms.
    short of that, given a choice, they would side with a kahanist type state of judea.

  6. Dovid

    The way I see it, Satmar Chassidim are just as Jewish as ignorant MO Jews who also represent a Jewish like culture that can hardly be older than 300 years old.

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