UPDATE: BARUCH DAYAN HAEMET: Rabbi Moshe Halberstam, O”H

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Shlomo Shamos is reporting that “Grand Rabbi Moshe Halbersatam” has passed away. I believe this is the same Rabbi Moshe Halberstam from Eidah Charedis who is also the Rosh Yeshiva of Divrei Chaim (Techakover). The funeral will begin in Kikar Shabbat at 3:30 PM today.

UPDATE: 4-28-06: Matthew Wagner of the Jerusalem Post writes:

Unlike Satmar Hassidim, Halbershtam was more open to Jews outside the confines of the Edah Haredit, said David “Duki” Greenwald, chairman of Hatzolah, a haredi paramedic organization that operates ambulances and first aid motorcycles all over the country.

Halbershtam, who specialized in halachic questions related to medicine, was Hatzolah’s rabbi.

“Unlike other rabbis in the Edah Haredit, he was a consensus rabbi who answered the questions of a diverse group of religious Jews from religious Zionist to Sephardi,” added Greenwald who was one of the last people to see Halbershtam alive.…

Tens of thousands took part in the funeral procession from Edah Haredit headquarters on Rehov Strauss in downtown Jerusalem to the Mount of Olives, including Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, the preeminent halachic authority for haredi Jews in Israel.

In addition to serving on the Edah Haredit’s Beit Din (rabbinic court), Halbershtam also headed the Council of Rabbis for Charity together with Elyashiv.

“He worked tirelessly to improve the lot of poverty stricken Jews”, said Matisiyahu Deutsche, Halbershtam’s grandson, who said the charity committee managed to raise NIS 370 million during the past 10 years since it was established. “Twenty-four hours a day he was sensitive to the needs of the poor.”

Deutsche said that his grandfather had at least 500 students who served as rabbis in posts all over the world.

“The Bais Yisrael [Rabbi Israel Alter the fifth Gerer Rebbe who died in 1977] once said of my grandfather that every halachic decision he made received approval in heaven.”


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