Accused Haredi Baby Murderer’s “House Arrest” A Farce

Ha’aretz reports that accused haredi baby murderer Yisroel Vales’ “house arrest” is anything but:

Meanwhile, Yisrael Asher Vales has become a kind of folk hero. A close friend said the house was so packed that he had to coordinate his visit with the family ahead of time; the family contacted him a day later to tell him when to come. … The men congregate in the family home in the morning. The morning prayers start at 6:45 A.M., after which breakfast is served. The students from Vales’ yeshiva arrive at 9:30 to study with him. They disperse at 1 P.M. and the family eats lunch. A new group of worshipers shows up at 4 P.M., and the house becomes a shteibel, a synagogue with many people coming and going for prayers.

Visitors to the house sit and converse around the table, people analyze the Edah Haredit and decide who is for the Vales family and who is against.

And who are the visitors? They include leading leading haredi religious figures:

The house where Vales, his wife and his parents are staying became the pilgrimage destination for rabbis and sages this week who stopped by to express their support. Some of them are not even identified with the “Yerushalmerim,” the people of the Old Yishuv (pre-state Jewish community) – a group that includes the Valeses. Leading Lithuanian (non-Hasidic) figures like Ponevitch Yeshiva head Rabbi Berel Povarsky and Rabbi Chaim Kanevsky came to visit, as did leading Hasidic rabbis from Edah Haredit such as Rabbi Tuvia Weiss and the sage of the Toldot Aharon sect.

This is truly sick.

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5 responses to “Accused Haredi Baby Murderer’s “House Arrest” A Farce

  1. a non ee moose

    hang this man

  2. Dovid Lerner

    I don’t know what to say…

  3. Anonymous

    If I had live in a house with all of the rabbonim and miscellaneous hangers-on you listed, day in and day out, I’d call Amnesty International.

  4. hashfanatic

    This is how some of those types of people feel about women in general:,7340,L-3248854,00.html

    Knowing that, why would you expect some guy that’s been programmed that way NOT to kill his wife’s child?

    One does not exist without the other. It’s absolutely all part of the same mind-set.

  5. It’s a bit bizzare, to be sure. But it is the Gerrer Rebbe, and rebbes often have these extra stringencies they take on. The problem is how their followers react to those stringencies.

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