“Haredi Jihad”

Haredi gangs have recently been terrorizing Internet cafés, their employees and owners. Ynet reports:

… One ultra-Orthodox youth, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “They are like the Islamic Jihad in the ultra-Orthodox sector. This is a very violent group that works through means of terror. If this internet café does not close, they will simply burn the place one night, like they did to Photo Alan (a photography store). There is no public condemnation by the rabbis towards them, because they are simply scared of them.”

Shlomi Rozolio, 20, who studies at a Jerusalem yeshiva, opened a computer store two years ago. With time he turned the store into an internet café, to which yeshiva students flock. “A few days ago, my rabbi called me after all the trouble and told me: A few rabbis turned to me and I don’t want you to get hurt. I’m asking you to close the place immediately.” Rozolio listened to his rabbi’s advice and closed shop.

“The first thing I think of is my father; I don’t want anyone to hold a demonstration against him or burn his house down. At the moment I’d rather close and I’ll see what I can do later on.”

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5 responses to ““Haredi Jihad”

  1. Shmuel

    Charedim. Some of them are as bad as Muslim terrorists. Real great religion we got here. And our fearless “leaders” are absolutely terrified of them, and won’t condemn their violence. And to think I once was proud of my faith.
    Nu, gdolim, any new bans against Slifkin and Kaminetzky? Maybe, if those two hire some charedi thugs, we’ll see their books come off the cherem list.

  2. hashfanatic

    That’s why I reject the very existence of the term “haredim” and all that identify with it, for it has come to exemplify an uncleanness that bears no resemblance to the movement it once attempted to refer to.

    There’s nothing “torahdik” about identifying with them. It’s counterfeit Judaism, in a way almost the antithesis of the genuine article.

  3. PishPosh

    How I would love to sit outside one of those cafes with a team of rottweillers waiting off to the side when these guys came by to arson the place. Lets see how they deal with animal that isnt frightened of cherems.

    I cannot get angrier then I already am, but I hope to hear good news that somebody wacked these guys but good with a bat or the like.

  4. hashfanatic

    Except, ultimately, whose interests would that really serve?

    That mentality is actually part of the problem!

  5. PishPosh

    Hashfanatic I understand where your coming from. My fear is that one day their arson will kill someone working in the back late at night. I guess I would consider these guys rodfim. Next they will burn down someone using to their warped thinking, the wrong Shecita or chechsher.

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