Haredi Judaism Is False

GodolHador writes:

Unfortunately, and it pains me to say this, Chareidi Judaism no longer stands for emmes. Chareidi Judaism is sheker incarnate. I love the Chareidi passionate commitment to Halachah, to learning and to Judaism. But any commitment based on sheker is sheker itself, and cannot be accepted. It has to be rejected COMPLETELY and ABSOLUTELY by every decent minded person. Likewise any ideology which insists on certain beliefs no matter what the evidence CANNOT and MUST NOT be accepted, it is sheker through and through.

Some might say that absolute emmes is not within our grasp. This is true, and evident. But this is not an excuse to go believe in anything we want to. How can it be? We MUST try with the best of our ability to weigh the evidence with standard modes of reason. This is the gift that Hashem has given us, and is the fundamental basis for everything we do. To deny our sense of reason is to deny our humanity, and to deny our tzelem elokim.

Rabbosai, may we be zoche to search for the emmes, to find the emmes, with a mehalech of emmes. May the purveyors of sheker reap their just rewards, and may the day come when the world is ‘kulo moleh emmes’, bimherah beyomaynu omayn.

What more can be said?

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3 responses to “Haredi Judaism Is False

  1. hashfanatic

    When you reject something or someone as counterfeit, there’s no reason to be subtle about it. There’s a huge difference between denying others basic human rights (which THEY do) and bringing the little haters down to appropriate size.

    It’s not easy, and not always comfortable to speak out against them, and endure hardship.

    But, then again, I don’t recall Hashem ever instructing me that it ever would be.

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