Haredim Attacked By Russian Neo-Nazi Gangs – In Israel

Haredim are, quite regularly, it seems, being attacked by Russian neo-Nazi skinhead gangs in Petach Tikva.

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3 responses to “Haredim Attacked By Russian Neo-Nazi Gangs – In Israel

  1. Marc Gottlieb

    “Most of the victims were dressed like ultra-Orthodox Jews, Rozen says, and therefore concludes that the assailants could not be Jewish.”

    Unless, of course, they were other ultra-Orthodox Jews.

  2. OneTopJob6

    I guess this is but one of many results of a policy that favored Soviets with “one Jewish grandmother” over Ethiopians, Mizrachim, Sephardim, and other true-blue Jews from lands afar who are at risk where they remain.

  3. a non ee moose

    good point on top job.

    You can thank assholes like chaim ben pesach (www.jtf.org) yemach shemoi vezichroi (I never thought I would be using his expressions on him) for “being the only one to vigorously fight to free soviet jewry.”

    The fuck is in denial that the majority of these slavic half breeds are the most vile putridly wicked shit the world has ever seen and would no sooner stab a jew in his back and turn the blade then assimilate to the Jewish community.

    These “russian jews” at least the ones where I live share their loyalty with there slavic brothers, NOT with other Jews. I have been devastatingly abused by them, and to say I suffer is an understatement.

    Another asshole you can thank is the infamously evil schneerson may he be dug up and rot. From a young age it was ingrained in my mind to have an awful lot of mercy for the “poor russian jews.”

    The Polish Jews apparently didn’t suffer enough, nor did Jews from other countries. We must respect the russian “jews” yemach shemam. The same ones who helped create a ton of the conspiracy theories and hatred.

    these people in general ruin and parasitize everywhere they go, at least where I live. I have had nothing but bad and traumatizing experiences with most of them if not all, and the public should be educated regarding their behavior, as well they should not be trusted.

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