High Court Upholds Haredi Draft Exemptions – For Now

Israel’s High Court of Justice has upheld the constitutionality of the Tal Law, which provides for haredi draft exemptions. But, as Ynet reports, it did so with reservations:

The extended panel of nine judges ruled that law “seriously disgraces the respect of those mandated with army service, and if the status quo continues and there will be no significant change in the results of its implementation – it could be rendered unconstitutional.”

Translated: If the Knesset doesn’t find a way to deal with this issue shortly, we’ll strike down the Tal Law the next chance we get. Look for that to happen in the next year or two.

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One response to “High Court Upholds Haredi Draft Exemptions – For Now

  1. Herman Heblew

    I think the haredi would make great soldiers-They move into arab neighborhoods-they start qvetching about it being a relgious neighborhood-all the arabs move out-I think if they had sent a hareid division into Gaza all the arabs out have marched into the sea as opposed toliving next to them

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